Take a break and treat yo’self.

Our mission at Girls’ Night In is to make it easier for you to take a break, treat yourself, and connect with a community of other boss women who’d rather stay in tonight. 🍷 💆 💅

Our first product is a weekly newsletter that goes out to thousands of millennial women every Friday morning.

Our second product, focused on creative wellness and community, is coming in summer of 2017. 😉

We launched in late January 2017. Email us at hello@girlsnightin.co.

Who Are We?

Girls’ Night In was founded by Alisha Ramos, a 27-year-old software designer and tech industry veteran. The team is comprised of other 20-something women who all feel that while it’s okay to work hard and be a boss, everyone needs a “girls’ night in” to recharge and restore, whether it’s on our own or with a group of our best girlfriends.

Thank you so much for being a part of the Girls’ Night In community. Now take a break — you deserve it.

x The GNI Founders

Are you a brand looking to partner with us? Get in touch at hello@girlsnightin.co.