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The Girls’ Night In brand and community was built on the belief that as our lives get busier, the more important it is to take a break and chill out. With mental health issues rising and rates of loneliness increasing in a society that’s “always on,” we believe that taking a break and cultivating friendships is a crucial part of what wellness means for women, whether that means getting in some “me time” with a good book 📚 or rounding up friends for a fun girls’ night in. 👯

The GNI newsletter was launched in January 2017 and currently reaches nearly 60,000 women on a weekly basis with a 50% open rate. Read: "Why I Quit My Job to Build Girls' Night In" by our founder Alisha for the full story.

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The Team

Alisha Ramos

In a previous life, worked in technology for several years as a designer and engineer of websites and apps. I'm passionate about hosting nights in (of course), great design, reading diverse and female-authored fiction, and cooking healthyish recipes at home.

Favorite book you read this year?
Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

Favorite way to spend a night in:
Right now, it's watching The Crown, lighting a scented candle, and drinking hot tea.

Favorite emoji:

Tyler Calder

Can we do fun facts? I'm going to do fun facts:

  1. I'm originally from New York City but have lived in DC for almost 9 years (whoa baby).
  2. I'm not a coffee snob (full disclosure: I'm a bagel snob), but I love coffee tourism – there's something really romantic to me about exploring cities via their coffee shops.
  3. I love, love, love speaking to women who are encouraging, uplifting, inspiring, and fighting for other women. My dream interviews would be with Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Mindy Kaling, and Roxane Gay.

Favorite book you read this year?
Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body by Roxane Gay

Favorite way to spend a night in:
If I'm taking a night for just me, I really relish in lounging – usually with standup comedy or guilty-pleasure TV on in the background. I actually LOVE nights in with friends, though, so potlucks, game nights, book clubs, etc are 100% my jam.

Favorite emoji:
💅🏼 when I'm proving a point, 🔮 when I've got something fun in the works, and 🧖🏻‍♀️ when I'm getting my GNI on.

Leah Reidy

Giving recommendations is my jam. I am fascinated by cool places, people, and things, and I just love to share them. My favorite way to take care/disconnect is to sweat. I find that I am most calm and focused when I am in motion.

Favorite book you read this year?
Sweat Equity by Jason Kelly

Favorite way to spend a night in:
Cooking dinner, drinking red wine, and watching the show Billions.

Favorite emoji:

Olivia Rogine
Growth & Marketing

Like many of us in D.C., I'm a transplant. As a NY native, I thrive on a packed schedule. By day, I'm a full time Program and Partnerships Manager at POLITICO Live. When I'm not event planning and drowning in the news, I am running my own D.C. lifestyle blog on the side. I like to think of myself as a change maker committed to participating in inclusive environments and building community through creativity.

Favorite book you read this year?
I recently reread one of my all time favorites, The Opposite of Loneliness by Mariana Keegan. I recommend this read for anyone who is embarking on a new journey in life and looking for some comfort in their next chapter.

Favorite way to spend a night in:
Surrounded by my lady friends and red wine 🍷 preferably while watching SNL with face masks on.

Favorite emoji:


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