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Our top picks for that special someone.


The Holiday Duo


"Whether you plan to frame something special, or give someone else the opportunity, gifting something sentimental is always a winner." - Olivia

Olive and June

The Everything Box


Olive and June's 7-H Free polish speaks for itself, but add their nail care products too? Put this at the top of our list!


Porter Bundle


Instead of starting off 2019 with some crazy new food trends, resolve to bring your lunch from home, or to get rid of your single-use water bottles, coffee cups and containers. The Porter Bundle will definitely help!

The Sill

Plants for Beginners Monthly Subscription


The Sill's subscription boxes are available for beginners, low-light homes, and pet friendly versions too.


Pilo Fabric Shaver


Sweater season should also be called pilling season, this little shaver is your new bff.

L.L. Bean

Wicked Good Moccasins


"I've had these slipper for YEARS. They're still wicked soft and wicked cozy and always put me in the wicked holiday mood." - Katrina


Roku Premiere Streaming Player


Make any TV a smart TV, and watch Netflix at your parents' house. It's so easy to set up, you'll only have to show them once, twice tops!


Casper Foam Pillow


We sleep almost 1/3 of our lifetime, that's no thing to compromise on!




Any avid reader wants to travel with their books, but carryons have limited space. Gift them a little more room in their suitcase, and a few more books to cozy up with!

Urban Outfitters

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9


We all take dozens of holiday Iphone pics, but few actually materialize. Sub your holiday cards with real photos of you and your friends.

Soko Glam

5-Step Korean Skin Care Kit


A hand-picked gift set of our favorite Korean skin and beauty products.

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