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Gifts for Your Most Bookish Friend

Gifts for your most bookish friends that aren’t books.


Homesick Library Candle


"I bring out this whenever it's my turn to host bookclub. Now I'm gifting it to my friends for hosting too!" - Tyler

Book of the Month

Book of the Month Subscription

"Choosing a book for someone else can be hard, so I'm gifting my friends a subscription to Book of the Month so they can get the books they *really* want." - Katrina. (Note: You can use the code PERFECT10 to purchase a 6- or 12-month subscription to get $10 off *and* a free book for yourself. Book of the Month is an ongoing partner of Girls' Night In.)


Book Clutch


Inspired by Emma Watson, these handmade bags were one of GNI's MOST popular Newsletter Recs!

Urban Outfitters

Inflatable Book Jacket


For all you holiday travelers, this floatie keeps your book safe in pools, hot tubs, baths, and also on your couch.


Book Anchor


"This anchor is a real lifesaver. When my pup Bucky tries to get my attention, I don't lose my place while reading." - Cara


Scrabble Fridge Magnets


We all have that one friend who always wins at Scrabble, this is the ultimate gift of recognition.


Leaning Book Case


Every big reader has lots of books, and little storage. Help a friend out with our equivalent of a trophy cabinet.

Rifle Paper Co.

Stamp Enamel Pin


Give your friends a real stamp of approval.

William Sonoma

Harry Potter Cookie Cutters


"Definitely gifting this set in hopes of receiving Harry Potter holiday cookies in return!" - Katrina


Animalia Bookmark


Readers have a wild side too!

Urban Outfitters

Smoko Book Light


Is there any way to make snuggling up with a book cuter and cozier? This must be it!

Wellness Planner


"I've used this planner to check in with myself each week this year, and it's become one of my favorite self-care moments. P.S. Look for a GNI cameo inside!" -Tyler


Stellar Factory Book Darts


Hot Take: "I have a can of these and they are so much more useful than bookmarks!" - Olivia

Paper Store

The Really Tiny Book Light


The tiniest booklight for reading on the go!

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