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Gifts for Your Holiday Host

We recommend showing up with flowers and a little something special the host wouldn’t normally buy for herself.

The Sill

Silver Philodendron


Why bring flowers when you can bring a growing plant?

Food 52

USB Rechargeable Lighter


Gift a cute lighter you can use for birthdays, holidays, or just lighting candles and incense. This rechargeable lighter gets 300 uses per charge.


Otherland Rattan Candle


"This is one of my favorite scents by Otherland. It has a pretty powerful 'scent throw,' meaning a little bit of burn goes a long way to fill your home with a delicious smell."


Helms Gold Cheese Knives Set


What host wouldn't want these gold cheese knives to entertain and snack with?


The Cartorialist Holiday 2019 Duo


"Olive oil is my go-to host gift and I love the Brightland's 2019 design by LA-based artist Carly Kuhn." - Jenny

Food 52

Five Two Ultimate Apron


"This apron has oven mits built in, pockets galore, and a conversion chart stitched into the pocket for handing kitchen measurements if you can't remember how many cups or fl oz are in a pint. I am truly obsessed!" - Katrina


Porter Straw Set


Help your host make their gathering a little more sustainable by gifting metal straws that match their bar cart.


Sphere Ice Tray


Bringing ice is always helpful, but gifting this ice mold feels a lot more festive.

West Elm

Uni Candlestick Holder


"I've been really into using candlesticks as a centerpiece lately. They can really elevate your dining space." - Alisha

William Sonoma

Jacobsen Salt Co Set


"Gifting seasoned salt to my foodie friends is always my go-to because it's a little luxury I wouldn't by for myself, but would love to have!" - Tyler

World Market

Terrazzo Cheese Trivet


We've rec'd this board before and we'll rec it again, because as far as we're concerned, terrazzo is never going out of style!

Coming Soon

Jadeite Mug


"A mug you'll want to drink out of and then put on display." - Tyler


Salt & Pepper Bottle Grinders


"These minimalist and beautifully designed shakers are a home item I've been eyeing to add to my tablescape." - Olivia

Nothing Fancy cookbook

Probably the perfect gift for anyone who loves to host, but keeps it pretty *cazh*. Alison Roman is the queen of millennial dinner parties.


The Wine & Cheese Set


Everything you need for a night with friends!

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