As homebodies, making our space as peaceful and inviting as possible is part of our DNA. From small, decorative touches to custom furniture, we love investing in pieces that add serenity, warmth, and coziness to our home. Amazon Handmade makes it simple to do just that, while supporting artisans from across the globe in the meantime. Here’s 10 items to help you set the scene for staying in.


A soy wax candle for soothing, soft light

Scratch and sniff technology hasn’t quite made it to the Internet (yet), so buying a candle online can be tricky business. Lucky for us, these hand-poured candles from Sweet Water Decor have hundreds of 4- and 5-star reviews to use as guidance. Stick with the lavender and sage fragrance for calming, refreshing vibes, and be sure to take advantage of Prime eligibility.


The essential oil version of a “chill pill”

Formulated with lavender, chamomile, and tangerine, this essential oil spray is specifically intended to create a relaxing, stress-relieving environment. Like the rest of the Prime-eligible products from La Pixie Wellness, it’s made with 100% pure, natural, and paraben-free ingredients. Keep it at your bedside, in your bathroom, or wherever you go to ~chill~.


These beautifully-packaged bath salts made with 100% natural ingredients

We love any product that lets us experience spa-quality wellness at home, and nearly every item from Live By Being was made with that intention. These Himalayan pink bath salts are packed with minerals that are said to help relax, hydrate, and detox the body while you soak. Every item sold by this Texas artisan is vegan, cruelty-free, and Prime-eligible.


A rose quartz crystal for positive, healing vibes

Taking your space to sanctuary status is all about bringing good energy in and keeping bad energy at bay, which is exactly what this rose quartz crystal is intended to do. Each item sold by Crystal Agate is “made with pure, loving intent,” which means they’re sure to bring positivity no matter your stance on the power of crystals.


These throw pillow covers that can instantly revive a piece of furniture

Having too many throw pillows is not an issue we can relate to, and we suspect Karen of ElemenOPillows feels the same. She creates dozens of pillow covers of varying design styles – minimalist, coastal, farmhouse – at her Ohio studio. Swapping one or two of your existing throw pillow covers with these subtly striped ones could be a low-effort way to really alter the look and feel of a room.

Desk Clock.jpg

An analog clock for when you need to unplug

We’re here for any item that allows us to put some distance between ourselves and our phones, and this analog clock from Studio Lorier does the trick. The off-center design is intentional, and its maker describes it as “a clock where time is not the centerpiece.” Each clock is hand cast in your choice of stoneware color – of course, we had to go with GNI green 😉.


This minimalist art print for a subtle touch of romance

The clean lines and ample white space in this print from Vintage Book Art Co. make it a welcome addition to any room designed with “less is more” in mind. We love how “The Kiss” piece adds just enough life to any gallery or tabletop without contributing to clutter.


A way to store blankets that doesn’t skimp on character

Whether your down time features curling up with a book, Netflix, or a little bit of both, you’ll need blankets on hand for maximum coziness. This five-foot blanket ladder will keep your throws close, organized, and on display. Plus, it uses wall space – not floor space – so it’s great for those of us working with less square footage. Each Rusted Pine ladder is made by hand with stained pine, and no two pieces look alike.

Plant Hanger.jpg

This macrame plant hanger for that plant you’re most proud of

Take this piece from MadeByMiculinko as an opportunity to show off just how much ~growth~ you’ve made in the world of plant care. It’s made with all-natural white cotton rope in Serbia, and will hold up to about an eight-inch pot. And if the delicate balance of water, light, and drainage is just not your science of choice, this hanging piece can also hold a small slab of wood that doubles as a tabletop.


A one-of-a-kind coffee table made from reclaimed wood

This live edge coffee table from Palletable Wood Designs is definitely an investment piece, but one you won’t see in anyone else’s living room – if that’s your thing. The Washington artisan behind the shop crafts each item with reclaimed wood and metal, and he’ll even make something custom as long as he’s got the materials. If warmth is what you’re looking to add to your space, this shop is for you.

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