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If we’re being real honest, not everyone can wake up at 6am to go for a 3 mile run, or eat a salad for lunch every single day. And trying to follow every single piece of wellness advice or regimen can get really complicated and overwhelming. We’ve been there and have learned a thing or two about how to make wellness habits more accessible and less aspirational. The GNI team put our heads together to share some tips on how to sneakily incorporate some uncomplicated wellness routines into your every day. They’re so easy you won’t even realize you’re doing the whole wellness thing. High five.

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Tip #1: Turn your phone on do not disturb mode right before you head to sleep, and don’t turn it back on until after you’ve had your breakfast.

“I’ve written about this before in our newsletter, but notifications have recently been the death of me. It’s usually the email notifications that really get me, but really, anything is enough to derail my brain for hours and hours. Putting your phone on do not disturb mode feels like a breath of fresh air. Plus, if you do this before heading to sleep, you’re guaranteed to get a much better night of rest. No more using your phone in bed!” — Alisha

Tip #2: Take 15-20 minutes a day to read from a physical object.

“That can be a newspaper, magazine, or hey, the latest book club pick. We are constantly looking at screens and our phones — give your tired eyes a break!” — Leah

Tip #3: Take walking meetings instead of sitting meetings.

“If your day is taken up by lots of meetings like mine, consider turning them into walking meetings. This way, the two of you can get a breath of fresh air. Plus, if it’s a conversation that requires some creative thinking, who knows — you might be inspired by something you see out in the world, whether it’s nature, another person, or a shop!” — Alisha

Tip #4: Keep your vitamins where you’ll actually remember to take them, like in the kitchen (instead of the medicine cabinet), or by the bed.

“I subscribed to the Care/of vitamins subscription, which personalizes daily doses of a variety of vitamins I actually need for my life. I like keeping them in sight where I can see them — since you should take them with a meal, I like to keep mine in the kitchen to take with breakfast. As a bonus point, Care/of’s packaging is very well-designed, so it almost looks like a purposefully-chosen accessory for the table.” — Leah

“I keep my vitamins on my nightstand so they’re the first thing I see in the mornings.” — Alisha


Tip #5: Set the #mood for your entire day by listening to relaxing music in the morning.

“Fortunately, the natural light in my room is incredible. Every morning I open my blinds, light a candle, and play one of my favorite records (right now I’m playing Van Morrison). Music is my therapy. It gives every minute of my day a rhythm that inspires me and ignites the creative in me.” — Kara

Tip #6: If you’re feeling puffy in the mornings, get yourself a jade roller.

“I wash my face with homemade coffee scrub and grab my jade roller to help awaken my cells and depuff my face. It seriously is life-changing even though most of the time I’m still half asleep when I do this. It is truly the best way for me to feel calm and meditate as my mind starts listing all of the things I need to prioritize for the day. The jade is naturally cold and with a little jojoba oil, I feel like a new woman, ready to take on the day.” — Kara

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Photos by Kara Schab of Right Foot Creative

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