by Tyler Calder

You made plans a few weeks ago with the best intentions at heart – maybe it was a work happy hour, catching up with old friends, or your monthly standing girls’ night. But now the day is here, and something inside you is just saying, “NOPE.”

We’ve all been there. Life gets in the way sometimes, and there are days when you just can’t muster up the willpower to go out – even when it’s something you’re looking forward to.

Part of self-investment (this month’s theme) is protecting your time and energy. While canceling plans should never be the default, friends will always understand if you need a breather. We get it, though – tackling the actual logistics of canceling is a guilt- and anxiety-ridden process for some. Here are a few texts to have on hand (hint: save them to your Notes app for easy access) next time you need to prioritize your self-care.

1. When you’re texting someone who just gets you…

“In desperate need of some QCT (quality couch time) tonight. Can we reschedule for the same time, next week?”

2. When you’re still down to hang, as long as it’s in the comfort of your own home…

“The bad news: I’m exhausted. The good news: There’s ice cream in my freezer if you’re down to move our plan inside for a more low-key type of night.😛”


3. When the best type of self-care is not going into debt…

“Real talk: My budget won’t, er, budge right now. I know I’m going to be stressed if we go out tonight. Any chance we can reschedule for after payday? 💸”

4. When your friend has a good sense of humor…

“I could tell you I have a migraine, but that’d be a lie.😝 I’m just really in need of a me-day to catch up on life. Any chance we could pause on tonight and catch up this weekend instead?”

5. When you’re feeling generous or you’ve inconvenienced a friend…

“I’m so looking forward to catching up, but I’m wiped! When are you free next week and can the first round be on me?”

6. When you’re desperate and need to use a gif to make your point…

“Whoa, can’t believe someone made this GIF of me!! Just kidding, but I really am this tired. Any chance we can raincheck?”

Go ahead. Send the text. As long as you don’t make a habit of it, your friends will cut you some slack. And who knows? If you’re really on the same wavelength, they might just feel the same way too.


Header image by @junocalypso.