By Tyler Calder

From the groundbreaking success of Black Panther to last week’s viral photo of two-year-old Parker Curry gazing in awe at Michelle Obama’s portrait, one thing is abundantly clear: representation matters. We feel it in our community too. Wellness and self-care look different for everyone, but one common thread unites our experience: all women deserve the opportunity to be well and to see themselves in this space. Because we’re often struck by just how one-note wellness coverage can be, we wanted to highlight a few of the women of color we’re following that are inspiring us and teaching us about self-care, wellness, and finding our calm every day.


1. Alexandra Elle, @alex_elle - From daily affirmations to insights on motherhood, this DC-based author is using words (beautifully!) to encourage other women to be patient, trust, and invest in themselves from the inside out. Her thoughts on healing and self-love provide balance and comfort to our minds and feeds every single time we come upon them.

2. Black Girl in Om, @blackgirlinom - We gave this account a shout in our newsletter a few weeks ago, and for good reason – it’s bringing authenticity to the wellness world, and we love them for it. From body positivity to representation, privilege, mental wellness, and more, @blackgirlinom doesn’t shy away from any of the tough issues in proving their point that wellness is a right for everybody.

3. Remi Ishizuka @rrayyme - Remi is that one friend that makes fitness look fun. Not only does she brighten our feed, but she’s a much-needed constant reminder that taking time to workout and nourish our bodies can be a joy, not just a chore. And what we really love: She teaches the joys of routine, balance, and finding ways to make it all fun.

Sophia Roe.png

4. Sophia Roe, @sophia_roe - We love following Sophia’s wellness, empowerment, and food journey. She’s created a space to be honest about everything from hair to the benefits of reflection, balancing your hormones, and personal growth. A quote of hers that has stuck with us: “We see ‘self love’ and ‘self-care’ as a face or hair masque, a spa treatment, or new workout regimen, but sometimes ‘self care’ is crying your eyes out, battling waves of emotion or loneliness so strong, you swear you’re gasping for air.” We couldn’t agree more.

5. Ana Frias, - The plant lady in me recognizes the plant lady in you. For those who feel happiest in the company of greenery and a cozy/home, Ana serves up plenty of both. We love following her for plant and home inspo that reminds us that 1) a clear space is a clear mind and 2) a little green goes a long way.

6.BLK+GRN @blkandgrn - We’ve been getting into all-natural products lately, delving into which we like and which work for our daily routines. In our initial exploration stage, we came across @blkandgrn, which highlights high-quality and ethically sourced care products made by Black artisans. From body butter to deodorant, we’re loving the clean, plant-based ingredients they’re showcasing – and the lessons we’re learning about natural care with each and every post.