There’s a debate happening at GNI HQ at the moment — maybe you can help us settle it.

When January 1st rolls around, are you firmly in the resolutions-setting camp or do you prefer to use a word like goals or intentions to describe your plan of action heading into the New Year? This year, more than any other, we’ve been feeling like the word “resolutions” has become synonymous with a need to change in drastic, sometimes unhealthy, and often unrealistic ways. Those resolutions — the ones that tell you you have to look a certain way, be less, or make yourself smaller — we just can’t get behind. But an opportunity to sit back and approach a new chapter with a sense of purpose? Yeah, we’re into those.

Whichever approach you take, there’s no denying that the New Year is ripe for reflection. That’s why when Alisha shared an idea with us about choosing guiding words for the year, we decided to run with it. At the end of the day (and the start of the year!) it just feels pretty darn good to turn thoughts and lessons into action for what’s to come.

It’s only been 10 days since the start of 2020, but our team’s spent them mulling over how we want to make small adjustments to our own approaches to the fresh calendar year. Note: This conversation originally went down in our team Slack (we’ve kept in Katrina’s all-caps enthusiasm for bowling as evidence), but we thought we’d pull some of our favorite tidbits out for you, in case you’re working on a 2020 vision of your own.

Here’s what the GNI team is working on this year:

Optimism and Confidence

“My two words for 2020 are Optimism and Confidence. I’d like to lead with optimism, rather than fear. I tend to focus on everything that could go wrong, and for the past few years, fear ruled my life and my decisions, and it was often paralyzing. I’ve also struggled with a lack of confidence, which is often connected to fear. Looking ahead to 2020, I’d like to lead with optimism, which I hope will bring me more calm and meaningful, intentional action (vs. paralysis or complacency).”

— Alisha, Founder & CEO

Making Memories

“The start of this year for me is about getting back to basics, partaking in more tactical activities, and making memories! I’m getting back to basics by re-upping my routines post-holiday. That means a more intentional meal planning to avoid waste and silly spending, more listening to my body whether that means a morning at the gym or night on the couch, and to HYDRATE because that fixes everything? I also want to spend more time on physical hobbies I put off when I’m tired or stressed, and use them as a form of self-care instead. I’m picking up my knitting needles, joining a BOWLING LEAGUE, and reading a lil more. Also spending more time with my dog (but outside).”

— Katrina, Partnerships & Marketing Associate

Patience and Processing

“My mantra for the year is p a t i e n c e. For me, 2019 was a very quick-on-the-draw kind of year, and I want to try to slow down my reactions and processes in 2020.”

— Jenna, Editorial & Content Associate

Intention and Reflection

“My ongoing goal is to be intentional about the way I spend my time, whom I spend my time with, how I choose to live and love and the way I take of myself.”

— Jenny, Partnerships

“My goal is also to be more intentional. Physically, I want to tailor my workouts for growth and train myself not to expect overnight success. Financially, I want to be mindful about where my money is going, especially as I move into ~real~ life. Mentally, I want to keep a closer eye on the things that trigger me and learn to either avoid them or face with them. And socially, I love to ask questions and chat away but I’m trying to add more meaning and relevance to my nonstop blabbing!!”

— Jordan, Growth & Marketing Intern

Self-Investment and Preservation

“This year, I’m focusing on investment and preservation. In the past, I’ve been a little too “in the moment” and spent my time, money, and resources freely, without focusing on the future. It’s my hope that investing in the things I care about will ultimately preserve my own health, allow my relationships to thrive, and even help care for our environment too! My first step? Spending a little extra money on products and goods that are not harmful to our planet and created to last. Next up - investing in myself and going to therapy (finally!).”

— Olivia, Director of Member Experience

Reading and Reconnecting

“This year, I’m focused on reconnecting with myself and others. I feel like I’ve spent the last few years on a hamster wheel learning how to juggle work, being a good partner, and acting as a support system for those who depend on me. This year, I’m looking forward to spending time with my friends individually (instead of just in large groups) more often, grabbing coffee with other creatives in my area, and making time to reconnect with some of my old hobbies, like reading (this piece is helping me set achievable reading resolutions) and going to comedy shows.”

— Tyler, Director of Content

What will you be focusing on in 2020? 😌 Share your mission for the upcoming year in the comments below. 👇