How is it August already? HOW.

It’s the swampiest month of the year which means we’re looking for a cool spot to read some pretty cool books. We asked our GNI Reads book club hosts from around the country (and Toronto!) to tell us about the books they’re fiending on this month – and they delivered. Here are our picks:

Book 1
Trick Mirror
"Jia Tolentino was a big part of why I’m in journalism school right now. Her writing always makes clarity of the current moment in a way that feels like it’s personally targeting you and speaking broadly of an entire generation at once, and I love it! The essay collection is full of examinations on Why We’re Like This (re: working out, obsessing over scammers, being sucked in by social media, and so on). This summer I’ve been reading a lot by the pool, but Trick Mirror was so personal and felt so tender that I reserved it only for reading at home in bed, a sign of my highest reverence for this book. I can't wait to chat about it at our GNI Reads September Meetup (it's our September pick!)." - Mary Anne, GNI Community and Experiences Intern (@maryanneporto)
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Book 2
"I belong to another book club that has exclusively read Lauren Groff for our past 4 books. We started with Florida and were so impressed we had to dive into her oeuvre. Florida is a collection of short stories set in Florida and, primarily, explore themes of motherhood, people in peril, and nature. I’m a native Floridian and Groff’s descriptions of Florida evoke the smell of 100% humidity, what it’s like to live through hurricanes and remain vigilant around wildlife. Groff respectfully explores the state – offering three-dimensionality to a place that tends to be a punchline." - Lane Mann, GNI Reads Austin Host (@lanemann)
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Book 3
Where the Crawdads Sing
"Lyrical and spellbinding, Where the Crawdads Sing tells the heart-wrenching story of Kya, "the Marsh Girl". Abandoned as a child in the marshlands of 1950s North Carolina, she survives abandonment, learns self-reliance, and tries to love in spite of it all. I read this book start to finish last weekend on a plane coming home from Asheville, and would recommend it to anyone who's feeling down on love." - Jameson, GNI Reads D.C. Host (@ramesonj)
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Book 4
"Are Samantha’s MFA classmates a cult, queen bees, hardcore enthusiasts of The Heathers, a coven of witches? I finished Mona Awad’s Bunny and frankly I’m still not sure. Full of Fight Club-level plot twists and sharp, biting humor; the novel is the perfect summer-to-fall transition read. Pro-tip: Convince a friend to do a buddy read because you’ll want someone to discuss it with after." - Mallorie Valentine, GNI Reads Manhattan Host (@mallorierose)
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Book 5
"Blake Crouch takes us into a world plagued by False Memory Syndrome where people experience memories of both a life lived and a life unlived. You'll quickly become engrossed in a world constantly being shifted and reshifted as memories change and each page will leave you wondering if scientist Helena Smith and protagonist Barry Sutton can figure out how to fix the ever-changing world around them. Pick up a copy if you're ready to flex some brain muscle and escape into another world." - Jordan P., GNI Reads Boston Host (@jordangpeterson)
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Book 6
The Most Fun We Ever Had
"Imagine the family saga storytelling of Ann Patchett meeting the wry observations and humor of Emma Straub and character depth of Elizabeth Strout, all wrapped up in one multi-generational story about families, marriage and secrets. The Most Fun We Ever Had was such a perfect vacation novel – you’ll want long uninterrupted hours to dive into the lives of this flawed, complicated, but ultimately lovable family." - Liz, GNI Reads Brooklyn Host (@eliz_bree)
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Book 7
Tell Me Everything
"This debut from Cambria Brockman is a slow burner that will keep you intrigued until the very end. Tell Me Everything is about six college students and the relationships they build during their four years at a small New England school. The plot line is compelling, the build up is great and the “twist” isn’t revealed until the very last pages of the book. Bonus: It’s been picked up by Netflix!" - Amelia K., GNI Reads D.C. Host (@ameliajknight)
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Book 8
I Like to Watch: Arguing My Way Through the TV Revolution
"Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Emily Nussbaum has changed the way we look at television and its affect on us individually and as a culture. She has been the one I turn to after I watch a particularly special television series, as she explores the nuances and complexities of topics that our shows touch on: the evolution of the female protagonist, complex role of sexual violence on TV, and more. You don't need to have watched all the shows she speaks on, but it'll help if you're acquainted with popular television from the past decade. Major perk: You'll probably pick up some shows to add to your Watch list while reading this absolute gem." - Eunice Bae, GNI Reads Operations Lead(@eunibae)
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Book 9
Maybe You Should Talk to Someone
"I picked up this book because it's a bookclub pick at my favorite local bookstore, and I'm so glad I did. Lori tells the story of how she, a psychotherapist, experienced therapy through the eyes of a patient after a personal crisis occurred in her life. The book does a beautiful job of capturing the range of problems, emotions, and self-doubt we all have, and is helping me approach every situation with more empathy for myself and others." - Sarah T., GNI Reads Alexandria Host (@sarahtee93)
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What books are you into right now, and recommend for the summer? Let us know in the comments below.