By Tyler Calder

You know that moment when you start to see a new trend creep into the public consciousness and you know it was 100% absolutely made for you? That’s how we feel about bathleisure.

It’s the combination of all things bath and leisure with a slight play on the millennial obsession with athleisure (wearing comfy workout clothes for relaxing purposes – also incredibly us). We knew we loved it from the moment we saw Rita Ora go full-robe at the MTV Europe Music Awards in November. Then, a few weeks later, something great happened: Rihanna rocked some serious terry on the cover of Vogue Paris, and we watched as the trend of our dreams catapulted into the mainstream, like a big fuzzy NOPE to everyone who ever told us we had to wear business-casual for 40 hours a week.

We gave it a shoutout in Newsletter #46 because reading the word “bathleisure” for the first time was the most delightful shock to our system. Now, we’re in deep-dive mode, going down the rabbit hole and finding the best of bathleisure, so you don’t have to. While we’re still figuring out how to fully incorporate this cozy trend into our street style, here’s how we’ll be getting the ~lewk~ (and probably Instagramming it) from the comfort of our own homes.

Elevate Your Robe Game

We know, we know. You’re not Rihanna and you’re probably not going to be rocking your robe in public. But for when you want to stay on-trend indoors, this crushed velvet robe (Nordstrom, $39) is really too cute not to get. And for a more traditional white robe that has some function to it, we’re crazy about this waffle pattern (Asos, $51) that’s cozy but not suffocating.

For when you’re ready to strut: This silky number (Nordstrom, $88) or this bold kimono-style piece (Sunday Forever, $225) are the way to go.

All Terrycloth Everything

Terry and towels are the fundamental tenets of bathleisure, and we’re definitely not complaining. These wraps (Sephora, $30) look super soft and work with a variety of hair textures. Truth is, though, that we’re a little biased – this hair towel (Amazon, $14) comes in GNI green, so there’s no way we’re not getting it. adds to cart

For when you want to use a fancy towel because you’re worth it: We could not be any more in love with this tasseled collection (Anthropologie, $60).


Slip Into Something a Little More Comfortable

Fact: It’s never too late to become a slippers person. To add some luxe to your lounging, we love this simple, cozy set (Amazon, $20) that feels just right after a long bath. For those ready to take a more serious step, these alpaca slippers (Lou & Grey, $175) are the ultimate commitment piece.

For when you need even more warmth: Slipper socks (Topshop, $10) FTW.

Get Into a Bathleisure Mindset

If you’re going to truly own this look, you have to master the too-relaxed-to-be-bothered attitude that comes with it. A few easy ways to get there: Fizzy Bath Truffles (Neiman-Marcus, $25), The Big Sleep bath homb (Lush, $9), and this beautiful bougie bar of soap (Commodity, $24) that will make you smell like a book!!

For when you’re feeling a little extra: The tiniest little rubber duck earrings (Etsy, $25) to make it clear what your priorities are.

Make Face Masks Your Friend

The final element to your soapy new aesthetic? A face mask for that cherry-on-top effect. This clarifying clay option (Malin + Goetz, $48) makes us feel like a whole new person (every. single. time.). For a more affordable option, though, we’re loving Tonymoly’s playful sheet masks (ULTA Beauty, $4) in Red Wine and Holiday Avocado – because if you’re not having fun with bathleisure, you’re doing it wrong.

And don’t forget: The most important part of all (Amazon, $2) to complete your lewk. 💆‍♀️💆‍♀️

Photos by @Kate.lavie and @designlovefest

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