Winter is obviously PRIME GIRLS’ NIGHT IN SZN aka let’s all stay in, have a cocktail, invite our friends over, and do as close to absolutely nothing as humanly possible szn. If you’re like us and getting tired of putting on a movie (maybe you’ve already burned through all the horrible Netflix holiday specials?), board games are a fun, screen-free option for your tired, bloodshot eyes. Also, can we pause for a moment and remember board games? Board games are good. Board games are wholesome. Let’s bring that sh*t back.

We asked all of you on our Instagram recently for your favorite recommendations for a “game night in” with friends and you delivered. (Seriously, who knew there was an actual board game named Cat Lady?!) Below are the recs…are there any that are missing?

Classics: The games we all know how to play and can almost always gather a group for.

Crowd Favorites: The GNI Community top picks!

Word Games: Games that take a little more brain power (read: mostly for the grown up cousins.)

Childhood Favorites: We loved them then, why not try them now?

Card Game Sets: Easy group games to travel with, and very little set up.

Card Games: One deck, 100’s of games to play.

Honorable Mention: Games we’ve never played before and new-age hits.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Leave a comment below with what you’re playing with friends.

Photo by Bao Truong via Unsplash.