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The first two months of 2019 moved quickly and easily for most people, but this March may make you feel like Sisyphus pushing a boulder up a steep and unforgiving mountain. Blame Mercury, which turns to retrograde from March 5th until March 28th.

Mercury retrograde is usually described as a time of confusion and misunderstanding: technology breaks, travel plans fall through, and collaborative projects grind to a halt. Some people experience this more than others, depending on what else is going on in their chart.

What you need to know:

March marks the end of the astrological year with Pisces, and the beginning of a new annual cycle with Aries. This period of renewal provides an opportunity to take a good long look in the mirror and to reevaluate your self-care habits.

This reevaluation requires access to your full natal chart. While most horoscopes are tailored to our sun sign alone (our CEO and co-founder, Banu explains why in this piece), the sun is only one small part of the elaborate solar system that makes up a natal chart. Learning the placement of the nine other planets is essential to an understanding of our complicated selves – without this, our horoscope barely skims the surface. Think of it like giving a book report based on reading the title alone.

If you want to gain insight into how you can best take care of yourself according to your sign, you’ll need to know your moon placement. While the sun represents ego and identity, the moon represents your deepest, private self and embodies what you feel like when you’re alone or comfortable.

Self-care looks different for everyone. Some people take care of themselves by staying in and reading a book, while others need to go out and dance all night. Some people need solitude to recharge, while others need the reflection of trusted friends. Fire signs need depth, challenge, and risk, while water signs need comfort, space and time.

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Fire Signs

People with fire moons feel most comfortable in the face of contrast, movement, and newness. When someone with a fire moon is anxious or uncomfortable, staying home will only make them feel worse. Rather, fire moons nourish their emotional selves through adventure, sensory stimulation, and social exposure.



If your moon is in Aries, your deep emotional self is likely very physical and action-oriented. You have a tendency to feel inadequate, and to overcompensate just because failure is a possibility.

For you, self-care is the release of energy through energetic, maybe even scary or slightly dangerous activities like kickboxing. When you’re in a rut, get a spontaneous haircut or go to the gym. At home, you can try screaming into a pillow, doing breathing exercises, or hot yoga.

Book Recommendation: Awakening Loving-Kindness by Pema Chodron



If your moon is in Leo, your emotional self is dramatic, proud, expressive, idealistic, and somewhat self-centered. You need a lot of love, care, and validation from other people.

You will feel best when you have a supportive audience who understands how to shower you with love and admiration. When you need to recharge, invite your friends to karaoke night. Or invite people over and cook for them. Get dressed up just because. Add things to your Amazon wishlist, like a glitter body mist.

Read a book: The Complete Stories of Leonora Carrington by Leonara Carrington



If your moon is in Sagittarius, you like to engage with new ideas and experiences that push you towards personal growth. You prefer to gain knowledge and insight through adventure, as opposed to solitary self-reflection, so at-home remedies won’t really be your thing.

When you want to take care of yourself, go for a drive, start learning another language, write letters to friends, explore a part of your neighborhood you’ve never been before, or plan a trip to Berlin.

Read a book: Tristes Tropiques, Claude Levi-Strauss Autobiography of Red, Anne Carson

Earth Signs

Earth signs are practical and tactile. They crave stability and need to feel grounded in the physical world. People with their moon in Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn nurture their emotional selves by energizing their bodies and quieting their minds.



If your moon is in Taurus, your emotional self is romantic and sentimental. You are deeply loyal to the people you care about, and try hard to maintain security and stability within those relationships. You often feel powerless to fix messy situations, but your way of thinking through those things is sensible and practical.

When you want to recharge, invite someone out to a five-course meal at a fancy restaurant or to a picnic in the park. Drink a mimosa at brunch. Get a full-body massage. Sit by a bonfire. When you don’t feel like going out, stay in bed all day. Give yourself essential oil aromatherapy. Watch ASMR videos.

Read a book: Bird by Bird by Anne Lamont



If your moon is in Virgo, your emotional self is analytical, responsible, and pacifying. A bundle of nerves, you struggle with a need to be pure that may come out in self-sacrificing or nitpicky tendencies.

When you need to take care of yourself, go to the library. If you can’t get yourself out of the house, cross off items on your to-do list. Rearrange your room. Eat lots of green things. Floss. Hydrate. Do all the dirty dishes.

Read a book: Gravity and Grace, Simone Weil



If your moon is in Capricorn, your emotional self is somewhat repressed in the name of responsibility, seriousness, and rationality. You crave the guidance and comfort of a teacher or parent.

You may not want to go out when you need to recharge. Instead, schedule alone time. Call in sick. Draft a personal five-year plan. Get up to date on current events. Try Keto. Move some money into savings. Listen to a cryptocurrency podcast. Research treadmill standing desks. Practice power poses in the mirror.

Read a book: Reborn: Journals & Notebooks 1947-1963, Susan Sontag

Air Signs

Air signs strive to disperse themselves across time and space. People with air moons are easily bored, and stagnation can make them depressed. Air moons practice self-care by accumulating information, experiences, and relationships.



If your moon is in Gemini, your emotional self is often restless and unsettled. You’re extremely adaptable, which sometimes makes you feel pulled in too many directions. You are easily bored and need to feel like you are free to be creative and create meaning, which can make you feel like you’re in a constant identity crisis.

For you, self care could mean getting acrylic nails. But, more to the point, you may want to just try cutting toxic people out of your life. Stay in and look at funny memes, watch shitty reality TV, eat candy bars, and talk on the phone with friends for hours.

Read a book: The Collected Schizophrenias, Esmé Weijun Wang; Why Did I Ever, Mary Robison



If your moon is in Libra, your emotional self is balanced, harmonious, sees both sides of every situation, indecisive, relationship-oriented, and desperate to please. You can be a little self-obsessed, but tend to hide your feelings and needs.

When you want to recharge, go to a museum or an indie film. If going out feels hard, cancel plans. Develop a crush. Write in your diary. Fill out an adult coloring book. Make a mood playlist.

Read a book: The Door, Magda Szabó



If your moon is in Aquarius, your emotional self is intuitive, observant, detached, and rational. You are often in your own world, but are scared of how you truly feel.

When you need to take care of yourself, go off the grid. Meditate or microdose. If staying in feels right, read an inspiring autobiography. Research space exploration. Do a crossword puzzle.

Read a book: Another Brookly, Jacqueline Woodson; The Fire Next Time, James Baldwin

Water Signs

Water signs are emotional, sensitive, and easily hurt. For them, self-care looks like turning off all devices, taking a long bath, or spending the entire day in bed. Water moons crave tranquility and comfort. They need space and time to sink into their feelings. It is essential that they surround themselves with loved ones who are not afraid to go into the depths with them.



If your moon is in Cancer, your emotional self is sensitive, thoughtful, and empathetic. You have a tendency to feel like a martyr, and secretly fear being abandoned by those you love. You often have trouble letting things go and feel like an emotional wreck.

You will likely want to nest when you need to recharge. Swaddle yourself in multiple blankets and watch HGTV. Craft. Drink tea or an expensive bottle of wine. Cuddle. Cook meals with friends.

Read a book: The Leavers, Lisa Ko; On Self-Respect, Joan Didion



If your Moon is in Scorpio, your emotional self is intense, passionate, and a bit dramatic. You have trouble opening up and letting other people in, and try to keep your intense darker emotions private. You find it difficult to trust others, which means your powers of perception may manifest in suspicion and controlling tendencies.

When you need to take care of yourself, redefine your personal aesthetic. Go shopping and try on clothes. Go looking for a new religious experience. If you find yourself more in the mood to stay in, sage your room. CBD oil everything. Hone your telekinetic energy. Have really good sex.

Read a book: Blood Child and Other Stories, Octavia Butler; The Vegetarian, Han Kang; On Looking, Lia Purpura



If your moon is in Pisces, your emotional self is empathetic, dreamy, sensitive, and gentle. You feel vulnerable much of the time, and desperately wish for a partner who would deeply understand you.

When you need to take care of yourself, you likely will not feel like going out. Stay in and set some boundaries. Take a long bath. Research mysticism. Text your friends how much you love and appreciate them. Read sappy poetry and cry therapeutically. Masturbate.

Read a book: Days of Abandonment, Elena Ferrante; Dopesick, Beth Macy; The Seas, Samantha Hunt.

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