By the GNI Team

You know when you discover that there’s a term for something you do all the time, but never had the words for before? Or that feeling when you start talking about something that makes someone else say, “Whoa, I do the same exact thing!”

It’s one of our favorite parts of this community — feeling seen in the company of each other. Recently, in Issue #157, we shared a moment that made us feel seen:


And apparently it made you feel seen too!

Get ready to write this down, because your must-watch list is about to get so much longer. Here’s what you said…

“Always The Office!!” - Stephanie P.

“Ironically since the term was coined by Lauren herself… but I am never not background bingewatching Gilmore Girls!!” - Rachel I.

“I like to background bingewatch Fixer-Upper and Hometown on HGTV! I bought my first condo about a year and a half ago so I’m obsessed with home renovation shows.” - Chandra C.

Grownish, The Bold Type, Good Trouble, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (but that’s a rewatch).” - Laura B.

New Girl! I just turned 29, so I keep saying “twenty noine” to myself like Schmidt. Luckily, only my dog has heard it more than once, and she’s only mildly annoyed with me.” - Chelsea W.

Parks and Rec! Always always always. Leslie Knope gives me life.” - Taylor A.

“I’m rewatching Good Girls while grading essays on my iPad.” - Ashley T.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” - Marne M.

Fraiser, Seinfeld, and The Office.” - Laney B.

Curb Your Enthusiasm!” - Stacey K.

“I’ve enjoyed (albeit guiltily) watching the “experiment” of blind engagements on Love is Blind play out for these couples and have laughed, cried, screamed at my TV, and have been truly intrigued about the psychology behind it all. If the Bachelor is a “journey,” this is science.” - Jenna, GNI Team

New Girl! Usually it’s either Schitt’s Creek, Parks and Rec, Friends, Brooklyn Nine-Nine or Chewing Gum. All are phenomenal, and I never get tired of them!” - Samantha L.

Extreme Couponing, Hoarders, and Vanderpump Rules! Hoarders is extremely motivating while decluttering.” - Cassie M.

Next in Fashion on Netflix, Below Deck, and Real Housewives on Bravo.” - Sarah P.

Gilmore Girls!” - Sieda

“Netflix has great creative shows! You can kind of tune them out and enjoy them in the background for most of each episode, and then focus during the few minutes of the reveal. Currently, I’m enjoying Interior Design Masters which has the added bonus of British accents! Another fun was Next in Fashion which also has polite British hosts. Enjoy!” - Rebecca Y.

The Great British Bake-Off! You just have to be in the room when they say what they’re cooking and when the judging happens. Everything else is perfect background noise for Friday night chores.” - Delaney T.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” - Thesalie D.

Love is Blind on Netflix!” - Jennifer F.

The Office and Schitt’s Creek.” - Heather S.

“I background bingewatch The Masked Singer and Gossip Girl!” - Jacqueline N.

The Office!” - Brittany A.

Gilmore Girls. Forever and always Gilmore Girls. I mean seriously, I’ve been doing this since 2006.” - Liz S.

One Day at a Time (new season coming 3/24!!) and 30 Rock.” - Casey K.

How about you? What’ve you been watching in the background lately? Let us know in the comments. 👇 If you want to be a part of conversations like this one, subscribe to our newsletter here.

Photo by Francisco Andreotti via Unsplash.