Getting off work in the pitch black this week has been less than stellar for our collective mental health. So we did what we always do when we’re down – reached out to our all-knowing female friends for some pick-me-ups. We asked the GNI team Slack which fall products are on their radar for these vitamin-D deficient days. Here are the team’s picks for fall:

Skincare + Cosmetics

“When the days get darker, you’ll keep glowing! Frank Body Shimmer Scrub is the most glam way to exfoliate.” - Olivia

“I love LINNÉ Purify Face wash. It’s a two-fer – exfoliating/detoxifying face wash and a face mask. Also, the packaging looks like a piece of modern art.” - Leah

Glossier’s Moisturizing Moon Mask: Once the seasons begin to change, so does my skin care (shout out to all my combination skin ladies). I put down those pore-refining, moisture-sucking clay masks and swap in this creamy and soothing gem.” -Tanya

“My skin recently has been saved by this Kale + Spinach-based moisturizing cream from Youth to the People. It has hyaluronic acid in it which I believe has a plumping effect on your skin. The texture is a very pleasant gel, not too heavy or greasy. Perfect for staying nice and moisturized all fall!” - Alisha

“You may be thinking this CosRX Snail Mucin is just a bottle of kinda gross, slimy goo, and you would be right. However! It is also an extremely hydrating serum with antimicrobial properties, and the glow/hydration/general good it’s given my skin make it extremely worth the initial squeamishness.” - Becca

“It is a well-known fact that I will buy anything targeted to me through a well-designed subway ad. Sue me! Anyway, Glossier came out with this ~luxurious~ Body Hero Duo and it’s creamy, flecked with pink shimmer, smells INCREDIBLE, and I can’t and also won’t stop using it.” - Becca


“DW Home’s ‘Holiday Spice’ scented candle: There is literally zero reason to ever spend more than, like, $8 on a candle when these bad boys exist at your neighborhood TJ Maxx or Marshall’s (sorry, Diptyque loyalists). I swear by this brand, and this holiday scent is what my seasonal dreams are made of.” - Tanya

“All about these Vitruvi Essential Oils. I’m a sucker for good packaging because I’m lazy and never put things ‘away.’ My favorites are cedarwood, frankincense and eucalyptus!” - Courtney

“I am the most basic, so I actually am very excited for the Chip & Jo collection at Target. I’ve been into ceramics recently so this deep green stoneware pitcher speaks to me. Plus, it seems v holiday appropriate.” - Alisha

“All things from The Citizenry. I love the philosophy of the founders,”We believe our homes should be reflections of the journeys we take. Our personal spaces deserve designs with a soul, a story, and a purpose.” Anything from here is IG-worthy . The Ceniza Lumbar Pillow is the perfect book club companion.” - Leah

“This portable waterless essential oil diffuser is the perfect stress-relieving addition to your desk in the fall.” - Olivia


“I’m cheating on Outdoor Voices, but I really also love the independent Boston-based brand, Tracksmith. And since Shalane Flanagan is the first US female to win the NYC Marathon in 40 years, I have to mention running gear. The Brighton Baselayer in Wine is my favorite for fall outdoor running. It’s made with merino wool so you can wear it more than once before it smells…” - Leah

“I am the laziest active person I know. I love working out, but am not willing to put in any effort getting to a workout. I’ve been staying in shape from the comfort of my own home exclusively through online videos for years now, but I’ve been repeating this PopSugar Fitness 45-minute Cardio Boxing Workout for months. It’s perfect for when you need to sweat, and also take out some frustration.” - Becca

Claire Fountain (aka Trill Yoga) is the best. This woman is a powerhouse and she’s all about creating an honest community around yoga and fitness.” - Courtney

Clothes + Accessories

“I’ve been eyeing all the cozy essentials on the DeBrosse Etsy Shop and the owner’s Instagram lately. Seriously, I want them all (shoutout to my friend Kate for introducing me)!” - Tyler

“The perfect scarf from Zara: I got one last season in olive green, and I’m going to get this nude pink one ASAP. This blanket scarf can be worn a million ways and gets major bonus points for how giant, soft and affordable it is.” - Tanya

“This Marc Fisher Yale Chelsea Boot. I love me a good Chelsea boot. These are sleeker than the norm and have a little more edge than your normal suede version. Paired with a skinny jean and you look amaze.” - Leah

“My The Future is Female shirt from the Outrage! It’s the only thing I want to wear on a good day or a bad day.” - Tyler

“I first saw the Thackeray from GlassesUSA. on Claire Fountain’s Instagram Story, scoured Glasses USA and ordered them immediately. They’re somewhere in the middle of bronze and silver IRL, which is great because they’ll go with all of your jewelry.” - Courtney


“Obvi I love our book club pick, Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng, but I have also really been enjoying A Separation by Katie Kitamura. If you liked Gone Girl, or any other cerebral fiction read featuring an interesting and complex lead female character, I highly recommend it. The prose and style of writing is also great and different from anything else I’ve read this year.” - Alisha

“I’m loving Literally Show Me A Healthy Person. I wish all books were as real and vulnerable as this.” - Courtney

The Sun and her Flowers by Rupi Kaur. It’s full of both uplifting and heart-wrenching poems on love, loss, and friendship.” - Olivia


Easy Soups and Quick Breads to Match because I’ve been equating soup with self-care for most of my life, thanks to the healing powers of my mom’s chicken soup (with lemon! It’s important!). When it comes to cooking-as-therapy, soup-making is definitely the new baking, and this cookbook is spreading the gospel.” -Tanya

“I love Alex Delany’s Rent Week recipes on Bon Appétit. They’re so fun and still feel adventurous but they keep in mind that you might not have 47 ingredients in your pantry because, well, you’re not at that level yet and that’s okay.” - Tyler

“Pomegranates. Hear me out: This superfood is finally in season and popping out all the seeds is a weirdly soothing and therapeutic activity (or you can submerge a cut-open pomegranate in water to make it a bit less laborious).” -Tanya


“Please don’t tell me Kira Kira is “played out” because I’m still using it for everything. If you are unaware, this is the app everyone has been using to add sparkles to their instagrams lately; its incredible, I love it, I dressed as it for Halloween this year.” - Becca

“This minimal mini humidifier. Because winter is coming, etc. We buy all the things and work so hard to keep our skin moisturized! Keep your space from getting dry in the cold weather.” - Courtney

“This 6-port USB charger because when friends are over to cozy up on the couch and binge Stranger Things, there just aren’t enough outlets.” - Olivia

Clue isn’t JUST for tracking your period! I’ve been using this to track my energy levels, ~emotional~ state, food cravings, and more to track patterns and make more informed decisions to improve my overall health.” - Courtney

HQ is a quiz app/live trivia game show that I downloaded recently and honestly it brings me pure joy for like 12-20 minutes every day. It goes ~live~ at 3pm on weekdays and 9pm every day. All my friends and I are obsessed.” - Tyler


On She Goes is a must-listen for all women who want to plan their next trip!” - Courtney

“Don’t judge me, but lately I’ve been living for Riverdale (season 1 is on Netflix and season 2 is on the CW). The world feels very stressful to me lately so just having an easy watch at the end of a long day has been insanely comforting. Also, Cole Sprouse.” - Tyler


“I’m sharing this vintage SNL clip with as many people as I can.” - Alisha

“A great way to read the news is through the lens of a hilarious person. For me, that is R. Eric Thomas, who writes regular columns for Elle called ‘Eric Reads The News,’ and publishes this bonus newsletter every week. Ever since subscribing, I’ve refused to read about news from any other source.” - Becca

Lede photo by Esther Baban via Darling Media .

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