A few weeks ago, we held our first ever community event in Washington, D.C.! Holistic wellness coach Katie Marshall led a Clean Beauty 101 session, photographer and stylist Kara Schab held an Instagram styling session, and we had some fun mixing our own DIY lip scrubs. We purposefully capped the event at 15 women to allow for an intimate setting that wasn’t too overwhelming. Overall, it was such a great “girls’ night in” and we all enjoyed sipping and mingling. Thanks to everyone who came out!


Summer Clean Beauty Tips:

  1. Limit Your Dairy Intake :: dairy is directly linked to acne, congestion, and is often filled with hormones that can cause breakouts and uneven skin tone. This is always my #1 tip when it comes to clean beauty and skincare!

  2. Cut Down on Caffeine :: Caffeine (coffee, matcha, etc…) is incredibly dehydrating, and during the summer months it can make it even more challenging for our bodies to stay hydrated. Hydration is key to soft, supple, glowing skin and caffeine can often be the culprit holding you back from that “glowy” look we all want to have.

  3. Add a probiotic to your daily routine :: Gut health and skincare go hand-in-hand (this article is really great at explaining the connection), so maintaining good digestion and gut flora is key to a healthy routine. I love this brand and take it every single morning!

Read the rest of Katie’s clean beauty tips at her blog, Planthouse Wellness.

And here’s the recipe for creating your own DIY lip scrub: recipes copy.png

GNI-25 copy.jpg

GNI-103 copy.jpg

GNI-92 copy.jpg


GNI-119 copy.jpg

GNI-9 copy.jpg Kara, Katie, and Alisha

Thanks to our venue sponsor The Hendrix DC for allowing us to use their beautiful penthouse space. If you’re a D.C. resident, check out their space. They still have some apartments available, and not only are they beauuutiful, they’re also conveniently located near the buzzy H St Corridor.

Many thanks to our other event partners: