“I find Parks and Recreation just abundantly comforting, always. I’m so glad it’s on Netflix. It just always makes me feel better about the world :) I also LOVE THIS IS US. I’M OBSESSED. Anything with Sterling K. Brown and I am QUITE game. Only two suggestions but two of my favorites! :)” — Katie Tamola

“For a show suggestion, may I suggest Australian vet shows! Hear me out- amazing accents, different views, animals that range from cute puppies to awe-inspiring crocodiles. I’ve been finding them very soothing. There is, I have to say, sometimes a bit of death- not every animal makes it. But for the most part, the shows follow a very comforting format of ‘here’s an animal’ ‘ah, somethings wrong’ ‘ah we’ve fixed it!’ In a world with so much sustained not-greatness, an interesting show with finite issues that are acknowledged and addressed is an unexpected balm :) Suggestions: Bondi Vet & Animal Rescue” — Laura Webb

“I wouldn’t say my choice for the fall is cozy per se, but it really gets me in the fall mood for some reason! I’ve been binging The X-Files every Fall/ Winter for the past couple of years. There are so many seasons and so many episodes per that in order to escape the X-Files tunnel vision I have to break it up into chunks!” — Sandra Nava

“I am obsessed with Catastrophe - have you seen it? They’re coming out with a 4th season soon, so there’s still time to binge the first 3. It’s the funniest, most real show you’ve seen in ages. And it’ll make you fall even more in love with Rob Delaney.” — Natalie Clapp

“I have been watching Parenthood this fall to feel cozy and safe. It is such a feel good and often relatable show, and it makes me laugh constantly. I love each character and the whole crazy family. Can’t wait to watch the Holiday episodes!” — Kelsey Zdebski

“There is still something about FRIENDS. Yes, FRIENDS. It’s still funny, still relevant and I’ve seen every episode so many times, I don’t even have to be looking at the TV to know what’s going on. There’s an episode for every life situation and the GIFs are endless.” — Jen Cannon

“I love to watch The West Wing and the Newsroom. Aaron Sorkin is a genius, so the shows are full of snappy wit. But they also preserve the power of logic and reason in politics, which is so needed right now under this administration. It’s balm for my soul.” — Amanda Ketner

Insecure on HBO and Silicon Valley” — Julia Stanaro

Photo by @havenly