If you’re reading this, you probably don’t want to go out on December 31st, spend $250 on bottle service at some crappy bar downtown, and be surrounded by sweaty people who are shouting at one another because the DJ’s music is not only bad, but too loud. (If you are, then hello please leave a comment and let us know why?!)

Well, if you’ve decided to have a perfectly nice night in on New Year’s Eve, we’ve put together a little guide on how to do just that to ring in the new year with class, and — shh, don’t tell anyone — a reasonable bedtime.


First things first, you need the right loungewear.

If you’re going for a “I’m defiantly staying in tonight, and I’m going to be cozy AF” look, we highly recommend investing in a nice pair of joggers. Look for a soft, sweatshirt-like fabric with a drawstring waist, like this pair from Lou & Grey. If you’re going for a more glam, “Listen, I’m not going out but I still want to feel fabulous ringing in 2018” look, then we recommend investing in a comfortable but glamorous robe, like this silky piece with beautiful sheer and lace detailing. We recommend pairing that with a slightly more on-trend faux fur slides. * chef’s kiss *

Set the celebratory mood with the right decor, snacks, and plenty of champagne.

This one’s pretty easy. For decor, if you’re going for a more cozy vibe, we’re loving these giant knit blankets that are all over Etsy right now. Pair that with slightly more luxuriously cozy touches around the house, like lighting this small tin travel candle from Madewell in a fig leaf scent, this luxurious plush throw in this cool ombre navy color, this slightly more grown-up pair of champagne flutes.

As for food and snacks, keep it simple. Put together a cheeseboard, pop some popcorn, create some fun champagne cocktails (the ruby negroni sounds great to us), throw in some chocolate or other sweets, and you’re done!

Finally, because it’s the new year, you have to have the obligatory headgear. We recommend these glittery crowns from Etsy because you’re a queen.

Prepare all of the face masks.

Listen, face masks are great. And there is nothing better than applying face masks with friends when you’re spending a night in. Depending on what kind of mask* you buy, they’re a bit silly, def a bit much, and completely worth the investment even if only for the selfies.

Our best face mask recommendations:

Remember that sheet masks are typically good for hydration, while clay masks are good for detoxing and purifying the skin. Both are pretty great, but we personally think sheet masks are the more convenient and fun version to use.

Choose some fun-but-chill activities and games

While we’re obviously huge proponents of Netflix, we generally think that watching a movie or streaming something are no-no’s for NYE. You want to feel like you’re interacting with the people you’ve invited over for a night in, not sitting silently next to one another. Make some memories!

Our best game recommendations:

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