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By Tyler Calder

Without fail every year, winter always seems to sneak up on me. You’d think I’d have it down to a science by now, and yet, here we are. One perk about aging, though, is that you finally wise up to your mom’s advice to dress for the weather you have and not just the weather you want. One day you ditch your November flip flops and jacket-less nights and surrender to the fact that yes, it really does get that cold, and yes, you really do need to start dressing like it.

Here’s what I’ve learned: It’s a lot easier to do this once you experience your first buttery soft cashmere staple, because after that, there’s about a zero percent chance of ever going back. Given our vested interest in all things cozy, comfy, and cuddly, we (Alisha, Katrina, and I from the GNI team) decided that if we absolutely have to go out this time of year, we might as well do it the best way we know how — comfortably. Here are the cozy outfits we’ll be wearing all season long.

EverlaneAlisha5.jpg AlishaEverlane4-8a0e86.jpg AlishaEverlane1-f237e0.jpg

When you’re heading to a last-minute Friendsgiving 🦃

“I like the roomy bell sleeves of this sweater (pictured above), which gives off great ‘I dressed up for this occasion’ energy, even when you wear it with a simple pair of skinny denim or wide leg pants. I’d add fun/fancy earrings to top off this outfit.” - Alisha  

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Pair It With: A pumpkin or pecan pie. Or both. Can’t decide. 🥧

Another option: “I think everyone needs a solid cashmere basic, and this one is so good and comes in ALL the colors. I’d go with this brass color for Thanksgiving dinner – worn best with a glass of red in hand.” - Alisha

KatrinaEverlane1.jpg KatrinaEverlane3-85f787.jpg KatrinaEverlane6-9d6d18.jpg

When you absolutely must leave the house 🐕

“Want to look like a presentable human when your dog makes you go on a walk at all hours of the day or night? 🐶 I throw on this jacket every time and I end up looking chic and cozy.” - Katrina 

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Pair It With: A good podcast (I’m loving Ologies lately) and an evening stroll. 

Another option: “The ReNew Fleece Oversized Sweatshirt (not pictured) in Oat ($55, Everlane) is the warmest thing I own, which is probably why I wear it so often. I literally don’t need a jacket when I have it on, which is the best part. It’s like a walking blanket.” 😍 - Katrina

GNIEverlaneTyler2-715bb8.jpg GNIEverlaneTyler1.jpg EverlaneTyler3-683c86.jpg

When you’re feeling like a homebody for the holidays ❄️

“My main goal for the holidays is to wear something that is fancy enough to appease my relatives and cozy enough for a mid-day nap. Bless this sweater dress for doing both.” - Tyler 

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The Cashmere Turtleneck Dress ($165, Everlane)

Pair It With: A nice, long breather outside – the holidays can be overwhelming! 🌬 

Another option: “My take: Winter white is underutilized. Catch me wearing The ReCashmere Stroopwafel Turtleneck ($150, Everlane) this winter for a straight-out-of-a-snowglobe look.” - Tyler

AlishaCozyEverlane1.jpg AlishaCozyEverlane2-2f0e49.jpg EverlaneAlishaCozy4.jpg

When you just need a cozy night in after all the celebrating 😴

“A good v-neck sweater is a closet staple. But what I recently realized is I love wearing it at home (in a slightly roomier size) with cashmere bottoms as much as I love wearing it out. Because luxury, people. Second, I used to make fun of people who owned cashmere sweatpants. But I’m now a convert because listen, our bottoms deserve the softest material money can buy, and this is it. You’ll feel like a queen whilst swanning around the house.” - Alisha

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Pair It With: A night in spent learning how to knit solo or with a couple of friends. 👯‍♀️

Want to shop more cozy vibes this winter? Visit Everlane for all the lewks.


Photos by Carrie Radford.