Impromptu poll: Do you read more or less in the summer?

On our team, we’re pretty split – some of us find sitting by the water puts us in a book-reading mood and for others, staying still is just not as much of an option. Whether you find yourself book-in-hand more often or even turning to audiobooks (GNI Reads can get 3-for-1 audiobooks with code GNIreads on as you stay active through summer months, here are the reads we just can’t get enough of right now:

Book 1
Tressie McMillan Cottom refuses to be siloed into the personal essay genre. The writings in this collection weave together her personal experiences with academic research and her observations as a sociologist. Dr. McMillan Cottom discusses beauty standards, her lack of surprise at Trump's election, disparities in health care for black women, and much more – I recommend reading this one slowly to take time to sit with each essay. - Shannon R., GNI Reads D.C. Host (@shannyreads)
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Book 2
Mostly Dead Things
"Set in Florida, Kristen Arnett’s Mostly Dead Things is the perfect poolside read. For those of us who refuse to accept that pride month is over, even better! Arnett, a queer writer and librarian, 7-11 fan, and hilarious Twitter person wrote this an incredible novel with a wickedly dark sense of humor and a big, strong heart. This book has it all: taxidermy, art, thoughtful treatment of grief, weird families, love affairs, and schemes. It’s no wonder it shot up the NYT bestsellers list, and it should go from there, straight onto your favorites." - Raquel Breternitz, GNI Reads DC Host (@raqueldesigns)
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Book 3
We Are Never Meeting in Real Life
"Reason #1 to love this essay collection: It'll make you repeatedly belly laugh. Whether she's drafting up her application for ABC's The Bachelor or recounting childhood traumas, you can rely on Samantha Irby's witty, saucy personality to guide you through these stories. Not only is the collection a delightful read, but it's inevitable that some of the author's signature tenacity will rub off on you during the process." - Mady Maio, GNI Reads LA Host (@madymaio)
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Book 4
Save Me the Plums
"I had never heard of Ruth Reichl before this, but after seeing her memoir on numerous book club lists and friends' Goodreads feeds, I decided to give it a shot, and I loved it! It reads as part Devil Wears Prada and part Gossip Girl, as Reichl finds herself as Editor-in-Chief at Gourmet magazine, making 6x her previous salary with a clothing allowance and a personal driver to boot. She parties with "a young Tony Bordain" and cooks heaps of chili for firefighters at Ground Zero, speaking to a very specific moment in time while maintaining a timeless sense of relatability and humor. This one's a highly recommended summer read with a flurry of delightful recipes scattered throughout!" - Megan Blierley, GNI Reads SF Host (@megblierley)
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Book 5
"Ling Ma’s Severance imagines the effects of an apocalyptic plague in a creative yet horrifying way – those infected live out their final days zombified, completing rote tasks (i.e. infinitely folding shirts or watering houseplants). As New York City collapses around her, the main character, Candace, continues to fulfill her job duties at a publishing company. When her routine becomes untenable, she joins a group of survivors migrating to the Midwest. Ling Ma deftly accomplishes so much in this book: she writes a complex main character in a terrifying setting, imagines relatable and dramatic group dynamics among the survivors, and starkly weaves in memories of Candace’s past in pre-apocalypse NYC. Would recommend for those interested in coming-of-age millennial stories and/or post-apocalyptic novels like Station Eleven – maybe not a great choice if you’re on vacation to escape your own workplace routine!" - Lane Mann, GNI Reads Austin Host (@lanemann)
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Book 6
Three Women
"This book has been getting some major buzz and for good reason! Taddeo spent almost a decade researching and writing this book that explores women and their desires. She ended up with three stories she expertly tells; allowing us into the lives and innermost thoughts of these subjects. What we’re left with is eye-opening, slightly shocking, and often heartbreaking. I felt a range of emotions for these women - often all at once! Read it on a raining summer day with the windows thrown wide open." - Mallorie Valentine, GNI Reads Manhattan Host (@mallorierose)
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Book 7
The Bookish Life of Nina Hill
"Nina Hill is so many of us #GNIreads members, with a busy calendar, content with her bookish life. That is, until she finds out about the family she never knew she had, and finally notices that cute guy on the rival trivia team. Abbi Waxman has penned an adorably fun read that reminds you that while you can be happy and fulfilled with the life you have, you can also be open to new experiences, and the discomfort that may bring." - Eunice Bae, GNI Reads Operations Lead (@eunibae)
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Book 8
Call Your Daughter Home
"When my dear friend's mother wrote her first novel, I knew I had to read it – but I had no idea I would enjoy it as much as I did. Knowing little about the South, let alone the South during the 1920s, I was unsure if I'd be able to relate to the story. What I quickly realized through Deb's captivating words and superior storytelling was - we're not all that different. She artfully illustrates the complex relationships women have with themselves and with one another, all while maintaining three equally strong and distinctly different characters; Annie, Gertrude, and Retta, and their story lines that ultimately converge over commonality. It's a gripping tale that pairs perfectly with some sweet tea under a willow tree." - Olivia Rogine, Community + Experiences Lead(@oliviaclairer)
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Book 9
My Sister, the Serial Killer
"They say it's best to not judge a book by cover. But, when it comes to My Sister, the Serial Killer, this book mirrors the cover's bright and mysterious artwork. Korede is a hard working nurse at the local hospital; however, her job as a big sister trumps all of her responsibilities. Especially when that job includes cleaning up her bloody messes – literally. The plot quickly unravels as every chapter leaves you wondering, how far will Korede go to keep her sister, the town beauty, innocent? Will she ever stop?! You’ll soon fall in love with the poetry of Oyinkan Braithwaite’s writing, as it transports you to Lagos, Nigeria through every page." - Siearra Papuga, GNI Reads Boston Host(@spapuga)
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Lede image by @caraizzle, GNI Reads Programming Lead.

What books are you into right now, and recommend for the summer? Let us know in the comments below.