Get to know Olivia Rogine, GNI’s Community & Experiences Lead. Olivia is working to bring Girls’ Night In into the real world, in book clubs and beyond. Here’s what she had to say about her time at GNI so far, her approach to self-care, and the little-known fact most people don’t know about her.


I am GNI’s… in-house community-building guru and event extraordinaire, a.k.a our Community and Experiences Lead! My role is to dream up ways to bring GNI to life through immersive and intimate IRL experiences, all while creating opportunities to spark meaningful and deep connections within our community. Previously, I was also with GNI part-time as a DC book club host and consultant of sorts!

My favorite project at GNI has been… creating the GNI Insiders program about a year ago with our founder and chief lounger, Alisha Ramos. I’ve had a lot of work experience managing similar community referral programs and have served as a brand ambassador previously so it was really exciting to create one from the ground up. I have a feeling that all of my other favorite projects are to come in 2019! We have lots of exciting things in store for GNI this year :)

I’m most looking forward to… gathering the GNI community on a more consistent basis and meeting the individuals who make up our widespread and diverse community at the events that I’ve fantasized about for the past two years. It means the world when people choose to spend their time with us!

Before I was at GNI, I… was producing events, managing internal and external brand stakeholders, and writing a weekly newsletter as the Programs and Partnerships Manager for POLITICO’s Women Rule series. Needless to say, this was a perfect next step for me!

The best advice I’ve ever received is… “on time is late.” I’d love to drop some grand wisdom here, but honestly, this simple life advice from my high school softball coach has become a core part of who I am - reliable and prepared - and ultimately, how I’ve also addressed some of my social anxieties. Being early to my commitments, whether they’re social or professional, has enabled me to mentally prepare and assuage some natural tendencies that come with my anxiety.


To me, self-care means… being honest with yourself and others about your physical, social, mental, and emotional needs and taking action to address those needs. Exhausted and need some me-time? Do it and tell your friends who you may have canceled on just that! Feeling down and need to surround yourself with people who love you? Don’t be afraid to ask or comfort - that’s literally what your support system is there for.

My favorite way to spend a night in is… baking Alison Roman’s infamous salted chocolate chunk shortbread cookies, playing (and usually losing) a board game with my s/o, and jade rolling with wine in hand, while watching a movie.

The self-care products/practices I love right now are… writing in my wellness planner, lighting my prized Sunday Forever 11:11 candle, putting essential oils in my diffuser, moisturizing with my Kate McLeod body stone, and I could go on. :)

My favorite routine is… selecting recipes to try ahead of my weekly meal-planning on Sundays. Cooking and being intentional about nourishing my body has always been really therapeutic for me! Gonna go ahead and thank Chrissy Teigen for her recent help here. 😂

My self-care pro-tip/life hack is… schedule time with yourself every week. I recently carved out official “self-care” time with myself and it’s been a game-changer. Sometimes I use the time to read and face mask, and other times I use it to tackle my finances. It’s all about committing to yourself at that given moment.

Night-In Quick Picks

My favorite show right now is… I’m binge watching a few shows at the moment but I can’t get enough of Sex Education. It artfully addresses the complexities of taboo topics and depicts what feels like the closest thing to the reality of going through puberty. In short, I really needed this in high school.

What’s your sign? It’s no secret among my friends and family that I am a proud scorpio. I live and breathe all of typical scorpio characteristics - intense, loyal, and brave, but also, jealous and protective. I also have been known to hold a good grudge - something I’m actively working on!

My throw-it-together meal (#TITM) is… I’ll start off by confessing that I’m a total Trader Joe’s fiend. My favorite #TITM is full of TJ’s goodness - a package of seasonal pre-made ravioli with homemade pesto that my partner stashes in the freezer, sprinkled with some grated parm or melted goat cheese. When I’m feeling just a touch more fancy (but still throwing it together) I’ll toss in some cooked cherry tomatoes, garlic, and onions - it makes the world of a difference!

Most people don’t know this about me, but… I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie. I’ve bungee jumped off of the highest bridge in the world and have been diving with great white sharks. Needless to say, I love a good rush and pushing my limits. I would have gone skydiving by now if it wasn’t so dang expensive!

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Lede images by Katrina Kagan.