You know the ones. They’re a part of your group chat which you check in on, roughly…twenty? thirty? times during the work day. They deserve a little something something too. Here are our top picks for Galentine’s Day that also won’t break the bank.

From left to right, top to bottom:

Fig candle by Madewell (on sale for $11!) This. Candle. Smells. Really. Good. Perfectly musky and sweet, burn it on a cold winter’s night for some extra magical vibes on your coffee table.

Sunday Riley Flash Fix Kit by Sunday Riley ($28) This caught our eye because 1) Sunday Riley is a great skincare brand, and 2) these are two hot products from the brand at a pretty big discount. Get on it, for your favorite skin-pampering friend.

Tassel statement earrings by Madewell ($22) We’ll never get tired of the tassel earrings trend. Guilty.

Take Care Hat by Girls’ Night In (hiii) ($35). A lovely reminder to take care of yourself and others, too. Readers of this article can get 10% off with the discount ‘COZY.’ You’re welcome. 💖

Besties book by Leah Goren ($21). “A fully illustrated celebration of female friendship that is a gift, a thank-you note, and a love letter all in one.”

Body oil by French Girl ($41). Sounds luxurious, feels luxurious, and certainly is luxurious.

Cloud Paint cream blush by Glossier ($18). Glossier’s products have been hit or miss, but we love these little tubes of highly pigmented blush for mixing into the cheeks for a natural and glowy look. The best part: You can mix two or more shades to create your own custom shade. 👩‍🎨

Pink and ceramic speckled planters by Etsy ($48) We’ve been itching to stock up on speckled everything. We found these sweet ones from a seller on Etsy and we’re sharing the wealth, because you’re welcome.

Text Me When You Get Home by Kayleen Schaefer (our book club pick for March!) ($24). “A personal and sociological examination–and ultimately a celebration–of the evolution of female friendship in pop culture and modern society.” A perfect gift for yourself and your best friend — and come out to our book club meetups to discuss afterward.

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