Poll: How many times do you press snooze in the morning, and is that number less than or greater than five? If you’re using two hands to count, you’re probably not getting enough sleep. So what gives?

Takes out magnifying glass. 🕵️‍♀️

A good first place to start is your bedtime routine. As anyone who’s familiar with a late-night trip down a Twitter blackhole knows, one frazzled or haywire night of (little) sleep can trigger a domino effect of ruthless snooze button-hitting for days to come. By discovering the practices that help you disconnect, self-reflect, and ease into a more relaxed state, you can build the structure that sets tomorrow-you up for success. Here’s how some of the busiest people we know wind down for the day:

Alysia Alex, Art & Design Partnerships Manager, Ban.do

“My bedtime routine looks a bit different every night, but in the best case scenario (i.e., I’m home and have eaten at a normal time), I like to slow it down by showering, putting on a robe, and getting into bed. Once I’m cozy in bed, I’ll catch up on articles I bookmarked during the day or watch a few episodes of something I’m currently binging. I find painting my own nails to be super relaxing so if I have the time I’ll do them in bed and let them dry while I read a chapter or two from the stack of books I’ve been meaning to get to. At night, I try to carve out some quiet time that separates me from work and focuses on small things that make me feel good.”

Olivia Rogine, Community + Experiences Lead at Girls’ Night In

“Every night tends to vary depending on what’s going on - in my mind and the next day. Some nights I’m using essential oils or my ambient sound machine, other nights I’m cozied up with a book or an episode of a guilty-pleasure TV show. But the one thing that remains consistent is passing out on my favorite pillow (full disclosure: Purple sent it my way and I love it)! I have about eight pillows on my bed but it’s the only one I need lately.”

Purple Compressed 2.jpg

Marah Lidey, Co-Founder of Shine Text

“My dream bedtime routine is I make some hot tea, read in bed / finally finish New Power (it’s so good), unplug from all my devices early and drift off to sleep in a screen-free dreamland. Most days? I micro-binge (is that a thing?) a couple episodes of a show like Friends from College with my partner, get some QT with my aggressive snuggler of a cat, wash my face and slap on my favorite night mask, check email/scroll, make my list of MITs (most important tasks) for the next day - then hit the sack. Generally, it’s all pretty serene.”

Rachel Orr, Art Director of The Lily News

“I’ve recently gotten really into my bedtime routine and it’s become a beautiful ritual to end my day. After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I like to put a few drops of an essential oil (usually lavender or eucalyptus) into the diffuser by my bed. Then, I use the app, Calm to turn on the sound of rain and set a timer for about 45 minutes. I find it very soothing to fall asleep to the combo of essential oils and soothing rain. I make sure to slather on some Minted Rose Lip Balm and Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream before getting into bed.”

Svetlana Legetic, Founder of Brightest Young Things

“I spent the better part of my 20s not needing almost any sleep. I spent the better part of my 30s telling myself I didn’t need any sleep. Now, firmly in the second half of this decade, I KNOW I need (plenty of) sleep. The goal is really to not get less than eight hours ever, and if a nine-hour night can happen - I’m all in. Since I get up stupidly early (5am today), that often means a bedtime between 9 and 10pm at the latest, though my husband often jokingly points to his watch around 8 and says, “Time to go to bed!” Winding down beforehand is critical, since my brain is in overdrive all day. This (or some variation of this) seems to be working for me lately:

First, I change into pajamas before washing my face and applying a myriad of oils (the Caudalie Overnight Detox Oil is a recent favorite) before retreating to my bedroom (which has been kept dark and calm up until this very second - don’t use your bedroom for anything but bedroom activities if you want to actually be able to relax in there. At this point, I’ll usually read something - a book preferably. I read a lot of procedural murder mysteries OR funny stuff, and a lot of literary novels (I finally got into Jennifer Egan’s Manhattan Beach and it is a treasure!).

Feel your eyes naturally close. Only turn the light off when the eyes are naturally closing. Don’t force it. Then tell the person next to you or yourself a simple “I Love You,” and go to sleep. One last thing! PLEASE BUY YOURSELF AS BIG OF A BED AS YOU CAN AFFORD/FIT INTO YOUR ROOM - it is a game changer. You think it won’t matter - but it does. Room to sleep is room to recover. Truly.”

What are the nightly rituals you’ve found key to successfully winding down and getting good sleep? Sound off in the comments below. 👇

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Illustrations by Taylor Ann Illustration for Girls’ Night In. Follow her on Instagram here.