By Alisha Ramos

I recently moved into an apartment building that has an amenity that my neighbors, thankfully, often overlook: an outdoor patio equipped with two industrial-size gas grills. This is a big deal as I’ve never had a proper grill. Of course, I’d attend the occasional summer or July 4th barbecue, which were always a treat, given that grilled burgers and hot dogs are, oh I don’t know, some of the most delicious meals on the planet?

Grilling has always been considered a “dude thing,” particularly in America. You have to “man” the grill (people really say this! all the time!). As such, I never stepped foot near a smoking grill during barbecues and hangouts. It looked dangerous! And my god, the smoke! Knowing what I know now — this type of gendering is bullsh*t. Grilling is joyful. Everyone should grill. It’s relatively easy and best of all — QUICK if you’re looking for a throw-it-together weeknight meal (which leads me to another aside: why is grilling a weekend-only thing? Embrace the weeknight BBQ, y’all!).

Below are some of my favorite recipes that we’ve tried in my household during the week days:

You can even grill desserts:

Want to get in on the fun? Here are some of the grilling recs, reads, and tools that got me pumped up to give it a try:

Photo by @alisharamos

What have you been grilling this summer? Share your favorite recipes with us in the comments. 👇