By Denise Jin & Molly Kang, Founders of Floravere

Ah, weddings. Synonymous with happy endings, true love, and, oh yeah, planning an over-the-top event for 200 of your most distant, most demanding relatives. 😅

While getting married can be one of the happiest times of your life, it can easily also be one of the most stressful – from ballooning budgets to feuding relatives, and questions of existential ‘to buffet or not to buffet’ self-doubt.

We started Floravere about two years ago because we personally found the wedding industry and specifically the wedding dress-shopping process to be incredibly overwhelming and opaque. Our team’s mission to make luxury bridal radically accessible and create a wedding dress shopping process that makes women feel really, really good. Today, we have showrooms open in 9 cities and having worked with thousands of brides, we wanted to share some of our top tips for taking care of yourself on your path to the aisle:


Ask for Help
Regardless of your budget, you don’t have to do all the prep and planning alone! Reach out to trusted loved ones and friends and ask for help on thoughtful tasks that speak to their individual strengths, like picking out shoes or cake-testing. The people in your life are excited and want to help, so don’t be afraid to delegate. One caveat: Remember that you still want these people to be your friends on the big day, so ask for help within reason! Speaking of which…

Set boundaries around planning
Balancing wedding prep with regular work and life responsibilities can feel like a full-time job in and of itself. Set clear expectations for yourself and communicate them to everyone around you. Feel empowered, for example, to send an email to vendors saying that you will only be available to respond to wedding-related requests on Saturdays. Without these boundaries in place, wedding planning can start to take over your entire life and cut into other important things like sleep.

Form your dream team
The vendors and partners you surround yourself with leading up to your wedding will become your main crew. Be thoughtful in picking the people you want to work with, and trust your gut. It’s worth the extra time; when you find partners that truly ~get you~ and your vision for your day, you save yourself a lot of work, stress, and heartache on the other side. At Floravere, nothing makes us happier than taking complete care of a bride-to-be’s wedding look from start to finish. Find your people, and then let them do what they do best. Trust us: everybody wins.

Wedding Month

Shut down the “B” word
In the last month or so, it’s not impossible that you’ll feel a little frazzled or find yourself obsessing over last-minute details. Consider banning the word “Bridezilla” from your vocabulary and the vocabulary of those around you - between us, we consider it the wedding industry’s most misogynistic term.

You are not irrational. You are not being crazy. The wedding industry is notorious for a lack of transparency that would make any sane person completely bonkers. You’re bound to have a moment or two during the wedding planning process when You. Just. Can’t. Hang. So if you find yourself there, even at the eleventh hour, take a deep breath and don’t label yourself or let anyone else label you the “B” word for feelings that are totally valid.

Carve out ‘me-time’
When all the planning is behind you, this is the time for textbook self-care! Take some time in the days before the main event to truly unplug from the madness. Get plenty of rest, squeeze in a sweat session or two, and do all the little things that make you feel really, really good. We personally recommend going to a Korean spa and sitting in your glorious nakedness alone, but baths, face masks, and pizza work too. And don’t forget to eat on your wedding day – ask a member of your bridal party to prep a plate (if need be) to help fuel you through the day or night.


Don’t play the comparison game
It’s so tempting to attend friends’ weddings after your own and compare all the tiny details, from food to venue to flowers. Resist the urge in these moments! Try to remember that, contrary to popular belief, weddings are not a contest in who looks best in white or who has the best cocktail hour spread. They’re about committing to spending forever with your partner, which is a beautiful thing regardless of the package it comes in.

Connect with your people
Once you’re back from the honeymoon and settling into married life, take time to reach out to the team who contributed to making it all happen. Write thank you notes, share pictures, and spread love to your tribe. Wedding planning truly takes a village, and the people in your corner will do everything in their power to make it the perfect day. Practice gratitude and feel the love flow in all over again.

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Floravere is a collection for the modern bride, an experience for the modern woman. Founded by Denise Jin and Molly Kang (pictured), they’re upending yesterday’s idea of the bridal shop in favor of a more personalized experience.

Lede image of Floravere bride Kim, photographed by Savannah Brown.