We’re very excited to launch 2018 with a theme for January: SELF-INVESTMENT, NOT SELF-IMPROVEMENT. ✨💪⠀

The new year is already swirling with everyone’s recommendations on how to get fit, what trends to look out for, and what to eat. It can get pretty overwhelming! Instead of having the perspective that your life or body is something to be “improved” upon or “reset,” what if we challenged ourselves to invest a little more in…ourselves? In both big ways and little ways. This shift in perspective has been huge for me personally, and I can’t wait to share more.⠀

Across the newsletter and our site this month, you’ll see pieces that reflect this theme. Have an article or recommendation in mind that resonates with this theme? Have you been thinking about this recently too? Feel free to send any thoughts our way at hello@girlsnightin.co, or leave a comment below. Happy new year!

xo Alisha