If you’re a child of the 90’s like we are at HQ, then you prooobably spent a good chunk of time on Gurl.com, the early internet site for pre-teen and teen girls. We definitely remember trawling through articles about the best anti-acne remedies, reading our horoscopes, and getting crucial information about how our bodies were changing (eek). WELL, we recently found out that this website still exists AND the Managing Editor, Jessica Booth, is a member of our GNI community! Enjoy our Q&A with Jessica:

Please tell us about yourself!

My name is Jessica Booth, I’m 29, and I live on Long Island. I’m the Managing Editor at Gurl.com, and a part-time freelance writer for Bustle.

You’re the managing editor at gurl.com, one of the sites that defined our early adolescence. How did you land that gig?!

Yes, it’s so fun! This was my first job after years of interning for free, so I’ve been here a while. One of the editors I interned for at Hollywood Life knew the editor in charge at Gurl.com. She heard he was looking for a freelancer, recommend me, and helped me get the job, which I’m still so grateful for. I got hired full-time after working my butt off, and made my way to Managing Editor by continuing to work just as hard.

What’s the most exciting part of your job, and how does it change from day to day?

There is honestly a lot that I love about this job. I think the most exciting thing is being in charge. I obviously have a boss, but he gives me a lot of freedom to do what I think is right for the site. It’s scary to make those kinds of decisions, but it’s also exciting. Being able to have the freedom to write about whatever is great, but it’s challenging to stay on top of what’s trendy on the Internet. There’s something new every day! We might find a topic that works really well for us, only to realize that, days or weeks later, it stops working, so then we need to figure out the next thing. It’s hard work, but all of it is fun, so it’s hard to complain.

What’s a favorite topic or piece you’ve covered recently?

I write about a lot of beauty and fashion for Gurl, which is what I’m really into. In the last few weeks, I’ve been working on a lot of posts about upcoming beauty and fashion trends for 2017 as a whole, and also for spring, which is always a lot of fun.

Let’s talk about self-care! What does it mean to you?

To me, self-care is all about focusing on yourself and what makes you feel good, and trying to shut your brain off for a bit. I spend so much of the day running around and getting things done that it can be tough for me to wind down. Even on weekends I find myself searching for projects to get done, whether it’s organizing a room in my house or shopping for things I might need.

I have to force myself to sit down, put my phone away, stop multi-tasking, and focus on just one thing that makes me happy but isn’t necessarily productive.

For me, self-care is all about giving my brain a break.

What are your favorite recent self-care products or rituals?

I have a few rituals depending on my mood. My favorite self-care ritual that I try to do most nights is to put on my favorite sweatshirt, light a candle (I really love Volupsa candles), grab a blanket, and get on the couch with a book, Netflix (I’m currently watching Stranger Things), tea (I can’t live without Yogi Tea Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut), and a bowl of popcorn. That’s when I feel the most relaxed. Another is to do yoga for at least a half hour every morning, because it really puts me in the right frame of mind for the rest of the day - I watch videos from Yoga With Adrienne on YouTube. Another is to focus on beauty, which is really important to me. I don’t have a bath to relax in, so I like to take a hot shower using these steam balls (similar to these) that smell super relaxing. Then I love to do a face mask - I’m currently obsessed with REN Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask because it makes my skin feel so nice and it smells great. I follow with my nightly skincare routine, which is soothing. (Let me know if you want to know the products I use!). My BEST self-care routine, though, involves being outside. I love nature and I love to be active outdoors. Nothing makes me feel less stressed than going to the beach, even if it’s just a quick walk in the cold. I try to walk, run, or bike outside as much as possible. It’s the fastest way for me to feel like myself!

Fun Lightning Q&A Round:

First thing you do when you get home from work?

Change into something comfortable! I immediately put on sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and cozy socks.

Most recent splurge?

I just bought polarized black Ray-Ban aviators and I’ll never go back to non-polarized sunglasses! I shop a lot, but my biggest splurge in recent history was buying two tickets to go to London and Paris next month with my boyfriend - I’ve never been and we desperately need a vacation!

Book on your nightstand (or one that you’re dying to read)?

Right now I’m flipping between reading Tender Is The Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close. I’m also skimming through The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A F*** by Sarah Knight whenever I have time.

Your current lady crush?

It’s always Rihanna, to be honest.

What’s the last thing you saw that made you laugh?

I was watching old home movies with my parents from when I was a baby. Just seeing their old outfits and my ridiculous behavior was hilarious!

Can we follow you in IG?

Yup! My Instagram handle is @jboothyy.