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Putting on movies and having a quiet chill sesh with friends is 100% approved and recommended here at Girls’ Night In. But what about when you want a slightly different type of hangout—one that encourages conversation and connection among you and your friends? A night in that celebrates and embraces the joy of missing out.

On September 22nd, in partnership with Ketel One Botanical, we’re encouraging women everywhere to stay in, recharge and relax by connecting with their closest girlfriends in celebration of the first-ever National Girls’ Night In.

In honor of the new holiday, we asked three women we admire how they would spend a perfect evening in. Read on below for wit and wisdom from our first expert—Yogi, visionary and well-being educator Claire Fountain—and get ready to raise a glass to National Girls’ Night In with us and Ketel One Botanical.

— Alisha Ramos, founder at GNI

Claire Fountain, yogi and writer

What does a girls’ night in mean to you?

A night in is a chance to relax, recharge, and be indulgent about rest, conversation, and skincare. I really like getting face masks, snacks, and gathering a bunch a girlfriends so we can catch up over a perfectly paired cocktail. For a special touch you can create a nice ambiance with the scent of rose or the essence of grapefruit (which both remind me of my Ketel One Botanical cocktail!) through candles, essential oils and diffusers or lotions and oils. It’s so easy, but those small touches make for a calm, soothing space to have your night in!

The first ever Ketel One Botanical Girls’ Night In is on September 22nd. How will you celebrate?

I’m typically spontaneous, but for this first-ever National Girls’ Night In, I’m pulling together my closest friends and doing an eat / drink / mini-spa. It’ll be casual, fun and relaxed. I don’t believe in over prepping, so menu-wise things will pretty simple: feel good bites paired with a new cocktail I created with Ketel One Botanical Grapefruit & Rose—a personal fav, because it’s made with 100% non-GMO grain, and tastes like grapefruit and rose without any artificial flavors or sweeteners.

What are your top 2-3 recommended activities or tips for a night in?

  1. Drinks for sure! An easy, refreshing cocktail makes me feel grown and like a master mixologist. Try my Rosy Glow made with Ketel One Botanical…and keep plenty of water on hand as it’s also important to stay hydrated. Grab some fresh fruit like grapefruit slices or cucumber to place into any pitcher of water to create an elevated water experience.
  2. Keep it simple. Set out some face masks or skincare goodies. I love masks containing natural, organic ingredients, as well as peel-off masks and sheet-masks. Toss in some oils or facial mists and your DIY spa night is done.
  3. Don’t forget food. It doesn’t need to be fancy. Think easy to put together spreads of fresh fruits and crudités with spreads. It even might be dope to cook for each other if time allows!

But my most important tip…just relax. These are people you love who love you back. Enjoy the time being around them. Laugh. Crack jokes. Make an effort, be honest, and be the kind of friend you’d like to be. And as always, lead with love. I’ll cheers to that.



Rosy Glow

Slightly spicy, zesty and aromatic, this cocktail seamlessly transitions from summer to fall for any Girls’ Night In.


1.5 oz. Ketel One Botanical Grapefruit & Rose
.5 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
3 dashes bitters
2 oz. Fever Tree Refreshingly Light Ginger Beer
7-8 Raspberries
1-2 slices Lime


Lightly muddle raspberries and combine with the first three ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake vigorously. Strain contents into a wine glass over fresh ice and top with ginger beer. Garnish with fresh ginger and lime.

When raising a glass for the first-ever National Girls’ Night In, the makers of Ketel One Botanical remind everyone to please drink responsibly.

Ketel One Botanical is a first-of-its kind spirit made from vodka distilled with real botanicals and infused with natural fruit and botanical essences. Made with 100% non-GMO grain, this 30% ABV spirit is an exceptionally smooth, fresh-tasting drink with no carbs, no artificial flavors, no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

Please drink responsibly.

KETEL ONE BOTANICAL. Made With Vodka Distilled With Real Botanicals And Infused With Natural Flavors. 30% Alc/Vol. © Double Eagle Brands, B.V. Imported by Ketel One USA, Aliso Viejo, CA.