Last summer I spent a lot of time in transit while editing the manuscript of my new book, Fresh Face. I wrote it to be the guide to all things skin that I wish I had back when I picked up my first cleanser. This book covers everything from masks you can make at home to a routine for dealing with a day of mansplaining.

During the editing process I found myself wordsmithing in the backseat on family road trips, typing away on Amtrak, and re-editing in flight to Antibes. Through it all, I worked to balance the stress of meeting strict book deadlines and my innate desire to just relax with a new face scrub. My skin was battling changes in air temperature and moisture, altitude and sleeplessness, but through this experience, I learned that travel skincare is well within reach, especially if you pack for it. That’s what inspired the excerpt you’re about to read.

Have an upcoming trip vacation, long weekend trip, or work trip with your boss? I hope you’ll nurture yourself and your skin (and pick up Fresh Face to help you along the way. Bon voyage!

The below is an excerpt from Fresh Face by Mandi Nyambi, Co-Founder and CEO of Baalm.

When you’re on a 14-hour flight

You made it through that crazy security line. Now what? Head to the bathroom to do a little preflight cleansing/ moisturizing/etc. An airplane cabin is dryer than the Sahara Desert, so the routine continues with a relaxing in-flight mask. If you’re worried about looking crazy, don’t. Those in the know will be impressed with the fact that you thought about your skin on this trip. You’re an advanced traveler now. Welcome to the club.

This routine focuses on moisturizing every step of the way. Hyaluronic acid is a key ingredient because it naturally attracts water, and you’re gonna need it for this transcontinental journey.

Slip into the airport bathroom:

Hop on the plane:

Before you land:

Mandi Nyambi is the CEO of Baalm a membership designed to bring caalm to the modern skin journey through products, services and community. After struggling with eczema and sensitive skin her whole life, she decided to take leverage her scientific background from Harvard and Columbia to bring more transparency and inclusivity to the skincare industry. When she’s not writing a book or running a company, she’s making ceramic bowls for her guac and snuggling with her dog Ozzie.

Lede image by @Oliviaclairer.