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By the GNI Team

We’ve been thinking a lot about what Mother’s Day will look like this year given everything happening right now. The truth is, it’ll probably look a little different for many of us this time around, but with some creativity, we think it’s possible to celebrate the moms and mother-figures in our lives together but apart. We’ve rounded up six sweet and socially distant ways to create happy memories (and remind mom to take care) even during this difficult moment in time.

1. Throw a virtual celebration that’s as memorable as IRL time together

For grown-up loved ones who are socially distanced.

While Zoom burnout might be real, there’s no reason your Mother’s Day call needs to feel like ~Yet Another Work Meeting.~ Here are the secrets to video call success:

Step 1: Send invites/e-vites (* whispers * just like if it were an IRL party)
Step 2: Encourage folks to decorate their own space with whatever items they have at home, dress up for the occasion, and prepare a special drink or food item that you can all have in common during the event (i.e. the honoree’s favorite in each category).
Step 3: Spend some time chatting, reminiscing, and celebrating together.
Step 4: If you’re worried about keeping the good times rolling, choose a game in advance from this together-but-apart gaming spreadsheet.
Step 5: Don’t forget to take a screenshot so this Mother’s Day celebration can make it into the family photo albums too.


2. Treat them to a reason to take care of themselves right now (and don’t forget to take care of yourself too!)

For any mother-figure in your life who could use this reminder.

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3. Give them the truly invaluable gift of some time to themselves

For mamas who are staying in with young kiddos, home educating, tired™️, and/or could use a little break in general.

Moms have a hard time finding time for themselves in “normal” circumstances, but in times like these, peace and quiet are even more elusive than before. Consider offering to “watch” the kiddos via Zoom by reading them a story or doing an activity, giving Moms a few moments to themselves — AKA so they can read their book, scroll on Instagram, make themselves some grown-up food without distraction, or even… take a nap!! * Gasp *

4. Spend extra time at home making heartfelt cards

For the womxn in your life who aren’t ~technically~ your/a mother (but for all intents and purposes, they might as well be)!

For many, Mother’s Day is a welcome excuse to express love and gratitude for those we care about the most. For others, Mother’s Day can bring up feelings of grief or pain. If there are people in your life that could benefit from feeling seen and appreciated on May 10th, consider writing them a thoughtful note, reminding them you’re here for them, or simply drawing something that words can’t quite capture. Spend some time thinking about the impact they’ve made in your life, and write down some of the reasons you’re sending love their way this time of year.

5. Make a virtual recipe book (or drop off a meal if you can!)

If their love language is food, you know what to do.

If you know a mom that tends to show love through food, now’s the time to return the favor. If you live close to your mom (or a maternal figure in your life), cook a comfort meal or family recipe and offer “curbside dropoff” to their door. Make sure to stay physically distanced, but there’s no reason you can’t wave through a window, offer an air hug, or leave a sweet note for someone special you’ve had on your mind. If you’re a little further away from the moms in your life, take some time to make a shared Google doc of favorite recipes (either personal ones or some from your favorite foodie corners of the internet). Next time they’re wondering what’s for dinner, they can have a meal that reminds them of time spent in your company. Nostalgia is sometimes the sweetest gift of all!

6. Get all of their favorite (local) things and people together but at a distance

For a safe, in-person celebration of the mom or mother-figure in your life

What might your Mother’s Day plans have looked like under different circumstances? The deli down the street, their favorite cocktail bar, or that restaurant you go to every year might be open for pickup or delivery, and given the current situation for small and local businesses, it’s worth a check! Folks could drive by while Mom waves from the second floor or you can arrange for a drive-through celebration where loved ones drive by at a certain time holding signs with happy wishes for mom, grandma, or any special someone in need of some love. We encourage you to think creatively (within the CDC’s guidelines, of course)for ways that you could bring some safe and responsible IRL surprises to Mother’s Day this year.

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day this year? Let us know in the comments below. 👇 For more ideas on how to celebrate and take care of the people in your life, subscribe to the GNI newsletter by clicking here.

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