By the GNI Team

Let us get one thing off our chests: You’re not alone in your feelings right now, you have no reason to be ashamed of how you’re reacting to the news, and it’s okay to be concerned about what happens from here.

With all the updates around COVID-19 this week, we’ve received many messages from members of our community expressing concern about their older family members, their long-distance loved ones, canceled major life events, work, and their own personal health. It’s part of the reason we wanted to write this post on how you can take small steps to take care during all of this.

But we also wanted to create more space for these discussions and for us to lean on one another for encouragement, a listening ear, or solace. This open thread (in the comments below) is meant to show you that others are right there with you in any of the very valid worries you might be harboring at this time. It’s also meant to show you the power of lifting each other up through it.

We fully believe that navigating this will be so much easier if we do it together, so that’s what we plan to do. 💗

Have something weighing on you about COVID-19? Feel free to add to the comments below. We’re here to support you. 👇

A note: Please be kind to yourself, be gentle with each other, and allow yourself to give and receive encouragement from this community. Here’s a reminder of our community guidelines as we have this conversation together.