By The GNI Team

We’re BIG believers in the power of music around here. From Beyoncé on the Coachella mainstage to that dance bop that you and your friends spent hours choreographing in high school, music so often shapes our lives in major ways. Think of your favorite movie’s soundtrack or the song that will always remind you of your first love. Take it from the goosebumps you get, your altered heart rate, and your mood — music is powerful.

That’s why we decided to handcraft a playlist for you — our community — to listen to during these tough times. Think of it like a mixtape we’re hand-delivering to you with love (from a safe distance) or like a tune you hear out your window, that leads you to look outside and discover us in a trench coat! We’re standing here with our boom box and sending you calming vibes, Say Anything style.

So whether you listen to it in the background of your WFH day or as you take a few minutes to meditate away from your screen, this playlist is meant to calm you amidst the uncertainty. We hope you enjoy.

You can listen right now, this very minute from the player below, or you can find our playlist on Spotify here and “heart” it for easy revisiting. 👇 For more tips on finding comfort through the chaos, visit