We’re big fans of Shine here at Girls’ Night In HQ. Shine is basically a service that texts you with daily motivations every morning. It’s a great way to start your day with intention and positivity - check it out!

Please tell us about yourselves!

We met at work, instantly became friends and are now the co-founders of Shine. We both live and work in Brooklyn, have a hearty appreciation for murder-mystery novels and we love biking on sunny weekends (pumped that Spring has finally sprung).

You’re the co-founders of a company called Shine. What is Shine and how did that come about? What were you seeing in the world that needed to be addressed?

Shine makes wellbeing more accessible. Our first product is a messaging platform (via SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Kik) that helps users enhance their wellbeing through conversational daily intentions.

As millennials, we view wellness not as a trend, but as a habit that permeates our every day. As a result, we’re seeking products that keep up with our world, in accessibility (through messaging), in tone (sounds like a friend) and in personalization (builds with you over time). Shine is filling that gap. - M & N

What things are you excited about for the future of Shine?

We’ve seen incredible traction in the first year, and this is just the start. We get excited to making wellbeing accessible for millions of people around the the world.

I’m sure many of our readers are very curious - what does a typical day for you look like, as entrepreneurs?

Our day starts and ends with our users. Making sure the daily Shine text is good to go every morning and reflect on learnings from the feedback to that same day’s Shine text is how we bookend our days.

The rest is incredibly variable from there but we primarily spend QT with our product and growth teams and execute on those initiatives alongside them. - M & N

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs who have a great idea?

Don’t rely on traditional versions of leadership to validate that you deserve to start your own company or take that leap. Actively search for examples of leadership that inspire you specifically, be it in another person’s style, personality, race, gender or background.

Let’s talk about self-care! What does it mean to you?

Marah: Doing old things (rituals) and new things (adventures) that don’t require me to think. To me self-care is allowing your brain to take a cat nap while you just do what feels authentic to you and brings you joy.

What are your favorite recent self-care products or rituals?

Naomi: Self-care Saturday. Every Saturday, I make it a point not to make any plans, nothing on the agenda, no commitments, allowing myself to just be. If I end up meeting up with friends or going on a bike ride, great, but the I give myself the freedom to make that decision day-of; I only do what I want to do.

What are your favorite go-to’s when you’re having or hosting a girls’ night in with your friends?

Marah: Really mediocre scary-movies (not the aim, it just turns out that good scary movies are hard to find), PJs, wine and something we cooked together (on a Korean food kick lately).


Lightning Round:

First thing you do when you get home from work?

Change into something spandex or flannel. No question. - M + N

Most recent splurge?

Marah: Hair. I spend way too much when I get my hair done, because there’s just a lot of it.

Book on your nightstand (or one that you’re dying to read)?

Marah: I’m in a lull right now (reading something but feeling meh about it / finishing it because I have to know what happens), but my favorite books this year have been - The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena and Soulmates by Jessica Grose. Both very dark. Both just what you need after a long day at the office.

What’s the last thing you saw that made you laugh?

Marah: A video of a Dachshund eating a carrot in pajamas. The internet is a special place.

You can follow Marah and Naomi on Instagram @marahml and @naomi_nyc.