Last week, I wrote about a productivity hack in our newsletter (turning off push notifications for your email!) and I got some amazing emails from readers with your suggestions. I compiled them here, in case you’re curious what readers had to say.

Do not disturb, please.

“I am a compulsive phone/social media checker and last month it was really interfering with my performance at work (I work in sales and have monthly targets!🙈). Not good! So what I do now is I constantly have my iPhone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode except for the incoming calls (but you can amend that to personal preference). As I have social media and WhatsApp notifications set to ‘push,’ this way my phone screen does not light up every time someone likes my post on Insta or I have a message. Seems silly right? Why not switch off push notifications? But this way I don’t constantly check my phone ‘in case I missed that buzzing notification’ because I know it’s on DND mode. I don’t know if it would help anyone but I found it made a big difference to me and my productivity at work. ☺️”

— Tatjana/@tatjanaalexlostandfound

Getting into the workout zone

“#1 self care tip of the month- turning phone onto airplane mode when working out. Still able to listen to music and podcasts but avoids messages/emails/friends tagging you in memes from intruding into your hour or so of me time. Definitely also upped my game because I wasn’t distracted or noticing time pass as much!”

— Caitlin T.

It’s all about the prep and closure

“I’m all about the work productivity hacks! I learned a couple in a talk I went to a few weeks ago that I really like:

  1. At the end of your work day–pull up on your laptop what you want to start your next work day with. Then in the morning, you’re ready to knock out something for 1-2 hours! Definitely don’t check email until the 1-2 hour block is over
  2. Also at the end of the work day, write down 2-3 WWW&Ws (What Went Well and Why)–a great way to end the day on a positive note and give some closure to your work that day so you can focus on other things the rest of the day/evening! (And credit where credit is due, this was the talk I got those from, she’s amazing!!)”

— Katy W.

Just get rid of it!

“I don’t have FB or Messenger on my phone. GASP! Crazy, I know. But it’s wonderful. I’m not mindlessly checking and my battery life is top notch.”


Photo by @stephsterjovski

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