by Claire Zhang of Journy

Let’s face it: New York has the reputation of being a city where the people walk fast, the streets are always loud and crowded, and the parties go on well past midnight. If you know where to look, though, you’ll be able to find pockets of comfort, whether it’s a fantastic meal to tuck into or a neighborhood to while away a lazy afternoon. Cuddle up at some of Journy’s favorite joints, and let the urban chaos fade into the background.




The baristas at Gotan are super passionate about their coffee, so you’re guaranteed to get your cold brew or your flat white served just right. The all-day breakfast—think herb omelette sandwich or white fish bialy—is so good that you just might find yourself tempted to extend your morning espresso into a full-blown meal. If you’re wary of breaking your diet, there’s several “health bowls” to choose from, including a chia bowl with homemade jam.

Birdbath Bakery

Birdbath proves you can indulge yourself while still being good to your body and to the environment. The bakery uses local, organic ingredients in all its baked goods, so grab a pastry (or three) to jumpstart your day.



Greenwich Village

For days when you want to disconnect from the hustle and bustle, Greenwich Village takes you off the grid, literally—its streets crisscross the rank-and-file avenues of Manhattan in a way that gives the area a much more “neighborhood” feel. Even locals get lost here, but that’s part of the charm: at every corner, you’ll find a gorgeous brownstone or cozy cafe waiting. While you’re here, be sure to walk down Minetta Street, which bends around a corner halfway through and is just about the cutest street you can find in the city.


Head to Dumbo to relax and find your creative spirit in Brooklyn’s vibrant arts district. Check out the art and design wares at cafe Usagi, or find the next page-turner to take to your book club at Powerhouse Arena. If you stay after sunset, you’ll be treated to a stunning view of the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges and New York’s famous skyline.




Buvette proves that brunch doesn’t have to be a rowdy, booze-drenched affair. The croque-monsieur and coq au vin are so good you’ll forget you’re not in a bistro in Paris. All of the rooms you can dine in are gorgeous, but in warmer weather, you should try to snag a table in the courtyard.


Think private supper club meats speakeasy and you’ll get Fedora, a restaurant that manages to be on-trend yet comfortable. This is the place to indulge with creative, decadent dishes like steak tartare with smoked cream and trout roe or roasted chicken with foie gras stuffing. After dinner, order the chocolate layer cake—what else?—for dessert.




The Lower East Side is infamous for its boisterous nightlife, but Attaboy manages to do the impossible and serve up sophisticated vibes in a totally chill space. It has everything we want in a speakeasy: inconspicuous signage, world-class service, and cocktails worth savoring. You could easily spend your whole night here.

The Up & Up

Disappear down the staircase that leads into The Up & Up and you’ll enter a cozy den far removed from the frantic energy of Manhattan. All the cocktails are creative but good, so take your pick. This is the rare bar that’s low-key enough that you can gather your three best girl friends to catch up over drinks but intimate enough that you’ll want to come back again with a date: a win-win in our book.

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Image sources: @gotannyc, @buvettenyc, @greenwichvillagenyc, @attaboy134.