Is there a better book month than September? We don’t think so! Back-to-school vibes abound and we’re trying to replicate the glorious feeling we experienced the day a big Scholastic book order was delivered to our classroom. We asked our GNI Reads book club hosts to share the books they’re most excited about this month. Here’s what they had to say:

Book 1
Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win
"I'm admittedly always a bit slow to remember details at book club because I tend to zoom through my GNI picks as soon as they arrive on my doorstep. Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win, GNI's October pick, was no different! The book chronicles a Senate run for Charlotte Walsh, a small-town girl who's made it big in Silicon Valley and wants to return to her homestate of Pennsylvania to create meaningful change. While Charlotte is a fictional character, many of the people and events in the book mirror our modern day reality, making it a thoughtful rumination on today's political and socioeconomic scene, and what it's like for successful women trying to navigate it. And when the narrative starts to hit too close to home, there's tons of family drama and big secrets to keep it juicy." - Megan Lierley, GNI SF Book Club Host (@megblierley)
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Book 2
The Goldfinch
"The Goldfinch has been on my TBR for over five years now, and nothing will get me to read a book faster than the release of a movie adaptation (in spite of critical response). If you’re not familiar with this Pulitzer Prize-winning novel: Theo Decker is a thirteen year-old New Yorker whose mother is killed in a terrorist attack during a visit to the Met. In the chaos, he steals her favorite piece, Carel Fabritius’ The Goldfinch, and it becomes the catalyst for his coming-of-age through the underworld of art, the line between obsession and love, and the mysteries of fate. Even though it’s almost 800 pages, the slow start is worth getting through, as you’ll soon want to stay up reading to find out what happens, as the beautiful writing takes you through a roller coaster of emotions. Don’t feel bad if you don’t end up watching the film – books are always better anyway." 😉 - Euni, GNI Reads Operations Lead (@eunibae)
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Book 3
My Year of Rest and Relaxation
"Imagine attempting to sleep for an entire year, in an attempt to free yourself from all emotions and problems. That's precisely what the narrator of this book sets out to do, with the help of a questionable therapist and some heavy-duty narcotics. This book had me laughing out loud, and them immediately thinking "Wow, that was dark." I recommend reading this satire on the couch after a good nap." - Shannon, GNI DC Book Club Host (@shannyreads)
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Book 4
The Right Swipe
"The Right Swipe is the first book in Alisha Rai’s new Modern Love series. Rai is one of a few contemporary romance authors bringing intersectionality to the genre and I am 100% here for it. The Right Swipe’s heroine is Rhiannon Hunter, the CEO of a Bumble-equivalent dating app and a badass businesswoman. Rhiannon matches with a former football player who ends up ghosting her – and Rhiannon is no fool, she blocks him and moves on. But OF COURSE they end up being at the same conference and working together on a dating app campaign. If you love clever, sexy romance novels with a happy ending, this is a must read." - Lane, GNI Book Club Host (@lanemann)
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Book 5
The Unlikely Adventures of the Shergill Sisters
"Follow the three grown-up Shergill sisters as they honor their mother's last wishes and complete a pilgrimage through India. The sisters all lead independent and very difficult lives across the globe, needless to say, adventuring together creates several bumps in both the road and their relationships. Read this book with your mom, sisters, or girlfriends and feel like you're jetsetting across the world and to remember that you're not alone in facing hard issues." - Jordan, GNI Book Club Host (@jordangpeterson)
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Book 6
Ask Again, Yes
"Pick up this slow burn of a novel that will have you thinking long after you're done. The Gleeson Family and the Stanhope Family become forever entwined when two rookie police officers become partners for a few weeks; however, the entanglement reaches new heights on one suburban night between two of their children. You'll get lost in lives of these two families and Keane's work will leave you contemplative of what a life well-lived looks and feels like." - Jordan, GNI Book Club Host (@jordangpeterson)
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Book 7
The Dutch House
"Ann Patchett is such a master of interpersonal & family drama, and her latest is ENGROSSING. The story follows a brother-sister pair and their relationship with the mansion they grew up in – or more specifically, the cruel stepmother who kicked them out of it after their father's sudden death. Their rage and bitterness at being exiled into poverty drive their whole lives, and eventually test the strength of their bond as each question whether vengeance is actually a truly satisfying path." - Liz, GNI Brooklyn Book Club Host (@eliz_bree)
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Book 8
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
"So far, I’ve enjoyed every single book I’ve read from Taylor Jenkins Reid – and each is so different from the last. I just finished The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and this may be my favorite so far. The book is about the life story of fictional movie star, Evelyn Hugo. Reid has a knack for telling fiction that seems real. I felt like Evelyn Hugo WAS a Hollywood star in my lifetime and really did all of the things that went down in this sweet read. I found her story so endearing (and even emotional at times!), and I just didn't want to put it down." - Cara, GNI Reads Programming Lead (@caraizzle)
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Book 9
Don't Hate, Meditate!
"If you're looking for self-care in a self-help book, this is it. This book is packed with personable warmth and no-nonsense wit, all the while detailing the benefits and techniques behind meditation and how to handle that inner voice. As someone who has begun to experience the pleasures of taking life slowly through meditation, I found this to be an excellent and accessible read. This artfully illustrated book does more than seek to inspire you to live your best life – it compels you to move to action, one breath at a time." - Malina Tran, GNI LA Book Club Host (@malina__tran)
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Book 10
The Turn of the Key
"If you haven't hopped on the Ruth Ware train yet, I'd suggest coming aboard if you're into modern thrillers. An English writer, most of her books take place in the UK — and when I'm reading fiction, I always love when it takes place in a different country so I feel like I'm picking up the tiniest bit of culture, even if it's a beach read. 😉 In The Turn of the Key, a brand new nanny begins her watch of three small girls in their rural smart house. A question soon emerges: Is the house haunted, or are there just a lot of technological malfunctions? And why is one of the girls so keen to get her new nanny far, far away from the house?" - Megan Lierley, GNI SF Book Club Host (@megblierley)
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What books are you into right now, and recommend for the summer? Let us know in the comments below.

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