Skincare, Two Ways is our new series exploring skincare routines in-depth, from the perspective of two humans who have very different skin types!

First up, our resident skincare experts, Courtney and Becca, are taking on double cleansing, two ways. If you’ve been curious about the “double cleansing” method, these two are pro’s at it, and share their best, under-the-radar, cult-y finds (seriously, some of these products sound so good and we’re wondering how we’ve never heard of some of them?) and their good ol’ standby’s and product reviews below. Enjoy and happy cleansing x2! — GNI Editors

Courtney’s Routine

Skin type: Oily and sensitive

“My skin is oily with visible pores and it’s moderately sensitive. I’m always combating cystic hormonal acne under my chin, and will get small whiteheads if I’m not careful about cleansing after sweating. Over the last couple of years, my cheeks and forehead will become slightly tighter when I’m traveling to cold, dry climates.”

First Cleanse

The Face Shop
Rice Water Bright, Light Cleansing Oil
“This oil cleanser removes ALL makeup, so I use it on days when I use a more full coverage foundation and waterproof mascara. It leaves my skin feeling very moisturized but not overly oily, which is rare! This cleanser also contains ceramides which help with anti-aging, strengthening your skin’s barrier and can reduce overall sensitivity. The scent is pretty heavy, but that doesn’t bother me at all. It’s also very runny and because of that, I only use it in the shower. Otherwise it ends up all over my counter.”
$11 at Amazon
Day Dissolve Cleansing Balm
“This cleansing balm has completely clean ingredients and is cruelty free! A little goes a long way, but it doesn’t completely remove heavier makeup like waterproof mascara, which is fine if I’m double cleansing anyway. I use this as a first cleanse when my makeup is lighter (serum foundation / cc cream + brows + light mascara). I particularly love that this product is travel friendly. It’s also very easy to use when I’m washing my face at the sink because of its more solid texture, leaving less of a mess than runny oil cleansers. The smell is AMAZING and reminds me of traditional cold cream cleansers, but it uses eucalyptus and jojoba oils instead of mineral oil.”
$18 at Target

Second Cleanse

Milky Jelly Cleanser
“The hype is real whether I wanted to admit it or not, and this has been on my shelf since it originally launched in 2016. I use this as my second cleanse when my makeup is heavier or if I’ve just worked out and it leaves my skin feeling clean and calm. I prefer this to most gel and foaming cleansers because they make even my oily skin feel a bit tight. Milky Jelly also comes in a travel size!”
$18 at Glossier
Pure Pearlsation Marine Collagen Micro Cleansing Water
“Just when I thought Garnier Micellar was my holy grail, I bought this on a whim and I’ll never turn back! Other micellar waters left my skin feeling like an oil slick, but this leaves it feeling like the most perfect balance of clean, moisturized and even toned! It has hydrolyzed collagen, an ingredient known to help repair sun damage and improve skin hydration. Truly one of my top 5 favorite skincare products. I use this as a second cleanse for light makeup days, but I also use it right after the gym if I’m in a hurry and have somewhere to go right after.”
$17 at SokoGlam

Bonus Rec: Cleansing Exfoliator

Brightening Exfoliating Cleanser
“Physical exfoliators seem to have taken a back seat to chemical options lately, but this has really helped gently remove buildup due to tan (dead) skin cells, sweat, dirt and oil. Cute, I know! I focus on exfoliating around the outside of my face near the hairline as well as under the chin and around my nose. It has chlorella, which is an antioxidant that helps calm and deflame the skin and helps with my cystic acne. The French green clay helps control oil in the t-zone and the aloe keeps you from drying it out. Acure is known for only using clean ingredients. I can use this as a first cleanse on light makeup days and follow with the Klavuu Cleansing Water. Makeup comes off easily, but I think it gets in the way of letting this product do the job it’s intended for. I do this once weekly and could probably get away with 2-3 times because it’s not harsh at all.”
$8 at Amazon

Becca’s Routine

Skin type: Normal/Dry

“My skin trends (and I say this with enormous quotes) “normal”, but tends to get dehydrated fairly easily. While I don’t get breakouts often, I am extremely prone to clogged pores (talk to me about how I once shocked my derm by getting milia all over my face!). Though I once sought out thrilling cleansers that gave me an Experience with a capital E, I now look for cleansers that reliably remove all the sunscreen/sweat/NYC grime I collect throughout the day and then leave without a trace.”

First Cleanse

Hada Labo Cleansing Oil
“I love this oil because it’s a real no-nonsense makeup/sunscreen/dirt/sweat remover. It’s unscented, the perfect consistency (not too runny, not too thick), and takes everything off. It’s not drying, it doesn’t leave a weird oily residue behind; it just wants to get in, get the job done, and get out. Also, it’s $13 for an enormous bottle! This is a practical, responsible choice, and it can also be on your doorstep by the end of the weekend.”
$13 at Amazon
Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil
“If the Hada Labo is an SUV, this is a slightly nicer SUV, perhaps with a rear-view backup camera and built-in seat warmers. Not quite a luxury product, but enough of an upgrade at a low enough price point to really add some pizzazz to your first cleanse. I bought this when I was feeling suggestible during a 20% off sale, but ended up really liking it! It works very well, has a good consistency, and if you already like the smell of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, then you’ll like this as well. The scent is really what elevates this product, and makes for a luxurious experience while you’re using it.”
$32 at Kiehl's

Second Cleanse

Hada Labo Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foam
“I heard about this product through Gothamista, who said it was a great option for dry skin. Although this is a foaming cleanser, it doesn’t foam because of foaming agents (which can be very drying), it foams because of the pump. I would liken the pumping experience to dispensing a puff of cloud. Also, it has hyaluronic acid in it, so your skin doesn’t feel dry or tight (or, god forbid, residue-y) after, which leads me to my favorite thing about this cleanser: it leaves my skin feeling like skin.”
$9 at Amazon
Krave Beauty
Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser
“Liah Yoo, the founder of Krave Beauty, formulated this cleanser with the skin barrier in mind and the idea that a cleanser’s job is to wash away what your skin doesn’t want (ie pollutants, oil, dirt, etc.) and leaving behind what it does (moisture!!). It’s got matcha and hemp seed extracts to give your skin a boost of antioxidants and fatty acids. I don’t know what texture I was expecting this to have, but the reality surprised me. It’s a little… slimier? than I expected, but honestly feels incredible to use. My skin feels *good* after using it, like maybe it had a green juice or something. Also, the bottle looks extremely cute on your sink, which is a nice bonus.”
$16 at Krave Beauty

Courtney is a brand designer living in Austin. You can find her posting about dogs and several attempts to leave her house @courtneyleonard (ig) and @courteroy (twitter).

Becca is professionally a software engineer, and personally a reality tv enthusiast living in Brooklyn. You can find her online @becckitt.

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