Self-Care means taking care of our home (planet) 🌎🏡

Earth Day is coming up – and if you’re anything like us, you’ve got sustainability on the brain. While it can be overwhelming to think about sustainability in terms of overhauling your whole lifestyle, it’s much easier to realize you can make a difference when you consider small, everyday actions that can help our communal home – our planet! In Issue 112, we asked you which tools and practices you use to live more sustainably and you delivered.

Here are some community recommendations that can help you live a more eco-friendly lifestyle:

Sustainable Products:

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Tips + Practices:

“I always carry a larger handbag so that when I run to a drugstore or something, I ask for no bag & just throw whatever it is in my handbag.” - Shannon H.

“Save your Amazon purchases in your cart until you have several items and select the option at checkout to combine them into the fewest packages possible.” - Christina W.

“Keeping a bag in my freezer of vegetable scraps and onion/garlic skins. When the bag fills up, I boil them and make veggie broth” - Caitie C.

“Bring your water bottle everywhere!” - Mckenzie C.

“Go paperless! Many tickets (for trips and events), forms, shopping receipts, and even financial statements can be sent digitally. Also, If you haven’t already, opt to receive and pay your bills electronically. “ - Nicolle S.

“For shaving, instead of disposable plastic razors, use a stainless-steel safety razor. They last longer and can help prevent ingrown hairs.” - Samantha P.

“Stop junk mail. Advertisements and mailed offers in my inbox usually just ended up in my recycle, until I realized you can opt out. - Kristine S.

“Use energy-efficient lightbulbs. They last longer too!” - Alex A.

“Thrifting makes a difference! You can reduce your impact on the planet by thrifting and recycling clothes you no longer wear.” - Ella H.

Regrow your scrap vegetables and herbs.” - Callie S.

“Check your beauty and skin care products to see if they have a recycle policy. Many beauty brands allow customers to send back empty bottles to be recycled.” - Vivian N.

“For washing dishes, make sure you scrape out all the food after eating so it doesn’t stick. Soap all of the dirty dishes with minimal water (faucet off unless you need it for stuck food) and then instead of running water to rinse dishes, fill the other side of a double sink or large bowl with warm water. Use conserved water to rinse dishes.” - Evita C.

“Every time I head out the door to buy food, I pick up my bag full of bags and am all set for a (hopefully) plastic-free grocery run.” - Lauren T.

Thanks for sharing your tips with us! Want to share more ideas on how we can lessen our environmental impact? Leave a comment below with what you’re doing to live more sustainably. 🍃

Lede image by Alisha Ramos.