Last week, in Newsletter #107, we introduced the idea of a “Throw It Together Meal” (TITM) – the easy weekday dish you know you can throw together at any time with just the ingredients you normally keep in your pantry or fridge.

For context, Alisha’s TITM is extra-crispy chicken thighs (bought in bulk), seasoned lightly, seared first in a cast-iron skillet on the stovetop and corralled into the oven to finish, served with a side of something green (this week it was a kale salad with ginger sesame miso dressing).

Here are some of our favorites from the GNI community:

Rice, Protein, and Veggies:

“A wild rice bowl with mushrooms + broccoli + fried bread + fried egg (or some combination.)” - Alanna O.

“I like to take a bagged Asian salad mix and turn it into a stir fry. It’s already chopped! All you have to add is protein (if you want) and make a little sauce from soy sauce and whatever else you have in the fridge - fish sauce, ginger, garlic, garlic chili paste, etc.” - Laurie B.

“Breakfast tacos! Scrambled eggs on corn tortillas with pesto and feta (and any vegetables like spinach or bell peppers that I happen to have around.)” - @readingtheend

“Fried rice! This has been my TITM for years. Rice, smoked sausage, egg, soy sauce, garlic. Topped with green onions. When my husband is gone I am almost guaranteed to make this for myself and to feel SO comforted.” - Emily W.

“My #TITM is this lentil soup from Marcus Samuelsson. Other than the onion, it’s shelf-stable and requires minimal prep.” - Tara K.

“Sheet pan meals are the best! For me a true TITM is where I can clean out random fridge things. Any combo or protein and veggies will do! Chicken, or sausage, or even chickpeas roasted with onions, peppers, potatoes, broccoli - whatever you got! Spices are flexible for whatever cuisine your ingredients or tastes lean to.” - Izzy P.

“Favorite #TITM for me is from A Pinch of Yum - their detox Moroccan-spiced chickpea bowl. Even if I don’t make the whole bowl, just the chickpeas with naan on their own are awesome and filling!”



Lemony Pasta With Chickpeas and Parsley from Melissa Clark.” - Stephanie W.

“Pasta (we use penne), ground Italian sausage (we add spices to mild), with mozzarella on top! Boil the water, dump in the pasta, brown the sausage while the pasta is cooking. A full box of pasta and a pound of sausage will feed 3-4 people easily or make dinner plus leftovers!” - Cathy O.

“Bon Appétit’s Bucatini with Butter-Roasted Tomato Sauce is my go-to when I need an easy dinner recipe because homemade sauce is so easy to make, especially when you just throw it in the oven. I toss 2 servings of pasta in the sauce and save the rest for later.” - Katrina, GNI Team

“I love the concept of a throw it together meal (#TITM) from Girls’ Night In!! Mine is probably pasta with broccoli, Italian sausage, and parmigiana. Also equally as easy: carbonara! The Bon Appétit Basically recipe is my favorite.” - Rita Z.

“Spaghetti tossed with white beans, harissa, butter and herbs (I’m partial to rosemary). Inspired by David Tamarkin’s COOK90. - @neurondidi

Do you have a Throw It Together Meal you want to share? Sound off in the comments below. 👇

Images by Olivia Cheng.