By Tyler Calder

In the past few years, we’ve had The Cookies, The Coat, and The Amazon Nightgown Dress — items that are so good and so popular, people know exactly what you mean when you call them by their simplest name. Now I’d like to introduce you to The Frame™, which is what I’ve been calling it to my friends.

I have a long history of buying prints and leaving them laying horizontally across every surface of my house (lol one-bedroom apartment) “until I find the perfect frame” for them. Here’s a lesson for my younger self: The perfect frame probably doesn’t exist unless you spend a lot of money to get it framed, or buy the frame first and find a print that fits it after. For years, I fell into this pattern of buying art and not hanging it – until I found this wood-shim frame on Amazon that starts at just $11.50. It’s basically the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants of home decor items – it just fits everyone.

We Fully Endorse The Frame.jpg

(I bought the 11” frame (left, $11) for above my bar cart and the 23” frame (right, $21) for a particularly bare wall of my bedroom.)

Why I love it:
This frame is the perfect solution for any and all “abnormally sized” prints I have because it comes in basically every size out there. It starts at 1x12” and increases in 1-inch increment all the way up to 1x40”. (There are a few 2-inch shim options as well.) The top and bottom shims have little magnets on the inside of them, so it’s so easy to just attach them to the print, put a nail in your wall, hang it and call it a day.

I love that the walnut frame lends itself to my bohemian(ish)/midcentury-modern style, but it’s so versatile (it also comes in black, white, rainbow, and a darker brown) that I can see it fitting in most spaces. I think it does a pretty good job of complementing my more abstract prints (above) from Cait Courneya and the West Elm sale section, respectively.

What you need to know:
The one downside of this frame is that your print is still exposed to ~the elements~ of your home. I might not hang this, say, right next to my stove. I’d keep it out of direct sunlight, the bathroom, and the kitchen. Other than that, it’s perfect perfect for hanging inexpensive prints in bedrooms, living spaces, hallways, and entryways that are looking a little barren.

If you’ve got little ones, this frame is a great way to create a revolving art gallery of your petite Picasso’s latest masterpieces.

Buy the frame on Amazon, starting at $11.50 here.

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