This holiday season we’re embracing all things cozy — from the books we plan to read by the fireplace to the recipes that comfort us as we hibernate all winter long. We’re taking some time to celebrate moments of peace and reflection — and that’s why we’re headed Homebody for the Holidays. 🤗✨

We’re smitten with the tradition of giving someone a crisp book to dig into, but so often the hardest part is knowing which book to give. That’s why this month, we fully endorse giving someone you love a subscription to Book of the Month. Book of the Month takes the stress of picking “the one” by offering your giftee the five best new books each month to choose from. As voracious readers ourselves, we’ve found it’s a nice way to pace yourself (instead of drowning under your to-read list) while staying in-the-know about new and exciting releases. Even better? When you give a 6 or 12-month gift, you get a free month to enjoy too. 👀

Here are some more reasons we’re loving Book of the Month for everyone in our lives this holiday season:

BOTM Holiday

1. It’s like a permission slip to disconnect

The thing about physical books is that you can’t really read them if you’re scrolling Twitter or caught up in the dark web of astrology memes. You have to put your phone down to really get to know the characters, and sometimes that’s the best gift of them all.

“For me, giving books is my little reminder to my loved ones to slow down and let themselves step away from their screens every once in a while. Sometimes it’s a reminder I need too, hence my BOTM subscription.” - Alisha, CEO + Founder of Girls’ Night In

2. Introduce them to new and diverse authors

Even for the bookwormiest among us, it can be so easy to fall into the rut of reading the same types of books by the same authors all the time. Book of the Month features diverse authors and genres, meaning there’s a constant opportunity to broaden your horizons, challenge yourself, or just plain learn something new.

“A question I always ask the men in my life is, ‘What have you read by a woman lately, and more specifically, what have you read by a woman of color?’ I ask them similar questions about movies and podcasts too because it’s important to me that they’re reading perspectives different than their own. I love that BOTM offers a built-in opportunity to learn about new books and authors.” - Tyler, Editorial + Content Lead at Girls’ Night In

3. Staying connected to loved ones throughout the year

The truth is that books are one of the best ways we know of to stay connected to those we love (think about it — each book is a built-in conversation starter that you wouldn’t have normally had) and doing it monthly is an added perk for three, six, or twelve months depending on which length subscription you decide to gift.

“I gave my sister a Book of the Month subscription last year because we live on opposite coasts, and I loved the idea of having something in common each month through the books we’re reading side by side – even from 3,000 miles away. My pro-tip is to order the same books some months so that you can chat about them. It’s like a literary friendship bracelet, keeping you connected all the time.” - Olivia, Community + Experiences Lead at Girls’ Night In

Delivery Method

4. It’s perfect for last-minute shoppers

Yes, it happens. Yes, Book of the Month has a plan for that.

“Something I’ve noticed about this time of year is that it really has a way of sneaking up on you. Sometimes you’ve spent weeks trying to think of the perfect something for your person, and then it’s December 23rd and there’s no way anything will get here in time. The nice thing about a BOTM subscription is that when you order it, you have the option of buying via email, printing a card at home, or sending it in the form of a gift card. It’s the solution I’ve been looking for.” - Katrina, Partnerships + Marketing Associate at GNI

5. It’s the gift that keeps on giving

Because Book of the Month is subscription based, you can give a three-, six-, or twelve-month subscription, depending on your budget. The best part? Each month’s box acts as a little reminder of your bond long after you’ve taken stuffed all of your holiday decorations into the back of your closet where they belong.

“I love that this is a little reminder each month that you care about the person. The longevity of it really makes it a sweet gift in my eyes.” - Jenny, Partnerships Lead at GNI

Want to gift a Book of the Month subscription to a loved one this holiday season? GNI readers can get them, starting at $49.99 here.