We’re a passionate bunch. When we find something we like, we usually love it – and we definitely want to share it. Since we’re in the business of ~finding ways to make life better,~ we wanted a space to share some of our more in-depth opinions on some of our more exciting findings. “We Fully Endorse” is a place for the tried-and-true products and practices that are adding value to our day-to-day, filling a need in our lives, or just making things easier in a way we find really delightful.

This week, Alisha and Olivia are talking about how they’ve been learning to lean into a more sensible sneaker lately – more specifically, TREAD by Everlane:


I’m Fully Embracing a Good Commuter Sneaker

Believe it or not, it’s been years since I’ve had longer than a 10-minute commute to work. After a brief post-grad stint in New York, I decided to move to D.C. and made the conscious decision to move closer to my office when I did so.

At that point, the sheer thought of commuting underground on a muggy and, um, aromatic subway or metro made me shudder.

And so, blissfully, for a few years, I’ve enjoyed a breezy ten-minute walk to work. That is, until recently. Last fall, my now fiancé and I moved just-outside-of-the-city (okay fine, the suburbs), and as a result, I’ve had to become reacquainted with my Metrocard.

My saving grace for my 30 to 40-minute commute has been to wear comfortable, ugly-chic sneakers, and I’ve truly yet to find a downside. I have no idea why I suffered through long commutes wearing uncomfortable sandals with flimsy soles, or WORSE, heels for so long. It doesn’t make sense because there are plenty of reasons to love comfy shoes a la TREAD by Everlane.

First off, they’re under $100. In a world where sneakers can get pricey fast, that feels huge to me. I also love that they’re fairly lightweight. At first, they looked chunkier to me in Everlane’s online images, but they actually have a slimmer profile when you see them in person. The colors are subtle enough to be versatile and you can match them to almost any outfit (including skirts, which tbh is usually what I wear them with). I love the TREAD so much I have it in two colors, the blush and the newer lavender color. What can I say? When I get into something, I get really into it.

When I arrive at the office, I have a pair of “office heels” that I stash in my filing cabinet that I’ll sometimes change into, especially if I have more external-facing meetings that day. But for the most part, I can honestly say I’m basically a sneakerhead now.


Re: the sneakers vs. sandals debate, even in the summer months, I don’t think sandals come close for me when there’s a commute involved. For me, sneakers feel like self-care because they’re crucial to ensuring I feel good as I go about my day. It’s foundational, and I crave that feel-good baseline.

— Alisha Ramos, CEO & Founder of GNI


I’ve Finally Found THE Perfect Travel Shoe

I’ve resented the saying “beauty is pain” for as long as I can remember. As a young ballerina, bobby pins, fashion tape, and itchy stockings never agreed with me – so we parted ways soon after I realized.

Comfort was just too important to me (even back then!). Now, any shoe that even slightly resembles the feeling of a tight ballet slipper, digging in with no arch support, is a no-go for me.

Some ten years later, I’m on board the comfortable shoes are self-care train; and for me, TREAD by Everlane passes the “this makes my life better” test with flying colors. It’s a practical AND fashionable sneaker that I can wear with jeans, leggings, or dare I say it, even a tutu. The way I see it, women are so often made to feel like the world around us wasn’t designed with our best interest at heart. The fact that this shoe was designed for active women with busy lives is palpable – and I have to be honest, it feels great.

This summer I’ve been especially on the go – traveling for work, weekend trips, and faraway adventures. Through it all, these kicks have become a staple of my travels. They’re comfortable enough for exploring and cute enough to Insta, and I’d be lying if I said that didn’t matter to me. The best part? My TREAD shoes are a beautiful light pink – a perfect replacement for those damn point shoes.

— Olivia Rogine, Community & Experiences Lead


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Images by Carl Maynard.