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For all its responsibilities, bills, and spreadsheets, adulthood comes with a few perks too: You can eat cake for dinner, go to bed at 7pm, and enjoy a FULL platter of breakfast in bed whenever 👏 you 👏 please. 👏

It’s about time you took full advantage.

We’re talking the works – fluffy scrambled eggs, avocado toast (with a sprinkle of Maldon salt or everything bagel seasoning), plump berries in a bowl, Kahlúa Espresso-Style Martini, and a dollop of yogurt. After all, who’s going to stop you?

The key to a successful breakfast-in-bed situation (besides getting the other co-habitant of your bed to make it 😉) is to embrace the true number of breakfast courses you deserve. If you don’t have a breakfast-in-bed specific tray, just grab the one from your coffee table and start assembling.

Here are the rules of breakfast in bed, according to us:

1. Load it up with extra treats you might not remember on a regular old omelet Saturday.

Grab the granola. Scallop the avocado across a crusty loaf from the farmer’s market.

2. Try something new to make your spread feel extra special

Half the fun of breakfast in bed is the faux-fanciness of it all. Kahlúa’s Espresso-Style Martini has velvety foam at the top but takes less than 20 seconds to pop open and pour into a glass you’d usually reserve for post-dinner drinks. It’s a treat-yourself (and your partner, too!) moment, but an easy one – just the way we like it.

3. Don’t settle for just one type of berry when you can mix three.

Breakfast in bed is an exercise in indulgence. It’s the perfect time to have a small amount of many things. Keep them stocked so the option to ~ make a spread ~ is literally always on the table. Breakfast in bed is a marathon, not a sprint.

4. Add a freshly plucked flower into the mix.

This is your morning to take it slow – add that little flower in a bud vase to your tray just because it makes you happy to look at. This is about you.

Our point is: You pay your adulthood taxes during the week. Spend your weekend reaping its perks – if that means eating your eggs among a sea of pillows, you’ve got our full support.

What’s your go-to breakfast in bed? Let us know in the comments. 👇