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The best motivation for a home-hosted brunch? Realizing you can get indulgent without breaking the bank. While the numbers on a brunch out (especially in a big group) can run up faster than you can poach an egg, a home-hosted brunch can allow for more personalization, opulence, and maximal coziness (bonus points if you encourage friends to come over in their best onesies and PJs).

Here are some no-fail equations we always turn to when we’re having friends over:

The decadent (easy to execute!) brunch

Shakshuka + bacon on the side
Our favorite way to do a friend brunch a la casa starts with preparing a cast-iron of perfectly spiced and velvety shakshuka as the main course, and then building around it. Bacon is usually a crowd-pleaser (vegetarians can sub this out for a simple peppered sweet potato hash if you want something filling and tasty) and olive oil-fried toast is the perfect vehicle to lap up all the tomato-ey goodness shakshuka has to offer.

Serve with ready-to-drink Kahlúa Espresso-Style Martini, served in a coupe-style glass. We love that it’s an easy sip that requires no prep, but looks elevated at the same time. It’s 2019 – simplifying your life never looked so good.

The trendy avocado-forward brunch

Avocado Toast + Sunny-Side Up Eggs
Stick with us here: A DIY toast bar makes everybody happy. Just set out the bread and pre-mash or scallop your avocados. Have a batch of eggs going as your guests assemble their toast. Set out light toppings in small bowls: salt, black pepper, red pepper, pickled onions, everything bagel seasoning, crumbled feta or goat cheese, radishes or whatever veggies you have in your fridge from this week’s grocery haul. Place an egg on top post-assembly and chef’s kiss – you’re ready to eat!

The light (but not TOO light) brunch

Homemade granola + dollop of roasted rhubarb and date yogurt

Depending on the size of your batches, this can be a full brunch – served in mason jars and stacked in layers trifle-style – or it can serve as a delightful side or palate cleanser to a more indulgent feast. Any way you slice it, it adds unexpected flavor (and fresh farmers’ market ingredients) your guests are sure to appreciate.

Wondering how the logistics of a large-scale friend brunch works if you’re living in a small space? Throw it back to your college days – if your space is really teeny tiny, don’t be afraid to use your dining table to create a tablescape and encourage everyone to gather in the living room instead.

Outfit your table with your main dishes (don’t forget a trivet under that cast iron!) plus flowers, napkins, and the works.

What’s your go-to brunch dish when you’re hosting a large group? Let us know in the comments. 👇