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We like to think of summer as less of a calendar-driven season and more of a feeling – that’s why summer-style picnics are in order for us from about April to October. Think about it – it’s the indoorsiest way to get outside and enjoy all nature has to offer. There’s a blanket involved, snacks are never in short supply, and when your meal is done, laying down in the grass is more than encouraged.

Here’s the secret nobody tells you about summer picnics, though: They’re outside but you can still relax and recharge – and that’s why we love them. Just stuff a picnic blanket in your bag, bring a few easily portable lawn games, and turn your focus to all the most colorful foods you can find. That means bright fruit, juicy tomatoes, and radishes sprinkled atop everything you can get our hands on.

For an outdoor brunch, we love that chilaquiles provide the perfect base for all of the above, without being overly eggy. Make a tray and cover them as you head to the park. Separately, bring pre-chopped tomatoes, jalapeños, radishes, and cheese for easy assembly once you get there.

If you’re lucky enough to be picnicking in your own yard or a friend’s, you can even pack super portable Kahlúa Espresso-Style Martinis to complement your cheerful spread. The cans travel better than any carafe of mimosas or bloody Mary we’ve ever seen – and they add a little pop to your already-colorful meal ahead.

One basket or a reusable tote later, you’re ready for a day out, no sneakers required.

What are your summer picnic pro tips? Let us know in the comments. 🍉