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If you’ve been following along with us the past few months, you know that 2019 is our year of the throw-it-together meal. Maybe it’s because we grew up watching Semi-Homemade Cooking on the Food Network (anyone else?!) or maybe it’s because we are fully rejecting hustle culture and the idea that you can and should do it all. Either way, we’ve landed on the throw-it-together meal as the easiest way to get food we love in our body and play host without having to cook much at all!

The good news is that a throw-it-together breakfast might just be the easiest meal of them all. While it’s easy to put a lot of hosting pressure on ourselves to go above and beyond in the kitchen when we’re having friends over, the perk of a throw-it-together brunch is that you’ll barely even have to cook. Lean into it!

The night before (or if you’re a true bagel devotee, the morning-of) pick up a dozen – along with cream cheese, lox, capers, an onion, and a tomato. Then curate other market finds – eggs (in large quantities if you’re expecting friends to come over), pastries, a crusty baguette, one hard cheese and a soft, jams, croissants, and butter to make it a real DIY party!

📝 Your Market List:

Bagels: Plus cream cheese, capers, lox, a red onion, and tomatoes. 🥯
Fruit: We love the color pop of pineapple and grapefruit together. 🍍
Eggs: The only item you'll have to cook come morning. 🍳
Pastries: We lean toward croissants or babka for a throw-it-together spread. 🥐
Easy breakfast salad: Cucumber, snap peas, endive, oil and vinegar 🥒
Ready-to-open beverage: Kahlúa Espresso-Style Martini is our pick. 😍
Extra credit: A crusty baguette, one soft and one hard cheese, jam and butter. 🥖

Load your market bag with plenty of fruit to complement your bread and cheeses. Need an easy brunch beverage to add to the mix? Enjoy the ready-to-drink nature of Kahlúa Espresso-Style Martini – snag some so you don’t have to spend time making a batch cocktail from scratch (this is a throw-it-together meal – EASY is the way to go).

Come morning, all you’ll have to do is lay it all out, whip up some jammy eggs (they only take 6-7 minutes on the stove!) and remind your friends to come hungry.

A hidden perk of a throw-it-together meal is that you’ll be relaxed, so your guests will be too. All the energy you save by not cooking can now be funneled into hosting – prepping a game, playing with a friend’s new baby, or simply catching up. We love throw-it-together brunch as the perfect opportunity to mix friend groups and make introductions you’ve maybe long hoped to make. Since these meals are as easy to eat as they are to prep (bagels aren’t too messy, fruit can be eaten with a fork, and Kahlúa Espresso-Style Martini just requires a pour), your guests can navigate the shindig with ease so the focus becomes mingling instead of the formality of a multi-course sit-down meal. See? EASY.

What’s your favorite non-cook brunch food? Let us know in the comments.