By the GNI Team

Working out at the gym can be expensive, crowded, and – depending on your relationship with fitness – even intimidating. So last week, in our editor’s note, we shared the GNI team’s tips for working out at home – and asked you for your favorite programs, products, and tips for working out in the comfort of your own home.

Tips from the GNI team:

“I’ve been scheduling the workout in my calendar as an actual appointment. If it’s in there, I’m more likely to do it!” - Eunice B.

“Lately I’ve been doing 305 Fitness at home. It’s a great high-energy workout, and all I need are resistance bands.” - Olivia R.

PopSugar fitness has a really incredible selection of almost every type of workout for free. Specifically for apartments, I try to find the sturdiest floor in my apartment, be as light on my feet as possible, and also modify anytime something’s going to be too loud.” - Becca B.

“When I was freelancing, a lot of people recommended Yoga with Adriene to me, and it was great! It’s comforting to know the option exists at home between tasks or projects.” - Tyler C.

“I use barre3 at home when I can’t get to the studio. I also really like Fitt for finding places to workout that are literally on my way to work.” - Katrina K.

Tips from GNI Readers:

Create a setup that works for you

“My tricks for working out at home is to immediately change into my workout clothes that are separate from my ~athleisure~ wear. As much as I LOVE my stretchy leggings, I try to keep a separate set of clothing that’s just for working out/hiking/active things so I can shift my mindset that I’m about to SWEAT!” — Kristen M.

“I mainly work out at home! I recommend having a dedicated area that can easily be set up with a mat and whatever equipment you use, that way it’s quick and accessible whenever you need it. I have a studio tone it up membership which gives me access to an app I can stream to my TV and they have hundreds of videos targeting different areas of the body that are 10-40 minutes long to choose from. Love the community and being able to schedule my workouts in advance and to get notifications sent to remind me to get up and do them!” — Breanna R.

Utilize apps and online resources

“Hello! I have a great recommendation for at-home workouts. Daily Burn! It’s an app/online program that has TONS of workouts in so many different styles. My favorite is the 365 program - a different workout every day. They do a bunch of different styles and trainers so it’s not boring, and best of all the workouts are about 30 min. Highly recommend!” — Carmen R.

“As an at-home workout devotee, I thought I would chime in. I use the following videos/apps weekly and love each one for different reasons.

  1. Yoga with Adriene - I’m a long time fan and yoga practitioner. Adriene is a fellow Texan with the most accessible approach to yoga. Even my husband will join in for a video!

  2. Body by Simone - I love dancing. Love it. I love that my brain has to think about choreography, so I’m not thinking about my life. The full body live classes are my favorite.

  3. Peloton - I’m not into the bike, that’s my husband’s thing; but I love their streaming workouts on the app. I’ll string together a warmup, a few strength training workouts, some yoga, a cool down, and a meditation for a well-rounded workout.” — Jennifer D.

“I love the Nike app for at-home work outs! They have everything from yoga to HIIT. Plus, they have quick 7-minute workouts to longer 30-minute workouts.” — Berger W.

“I’m a Tone It Up girl. I have weights, bands, yoga blocks, a ball, and a kettlebell at home so that I can do various types of exercise. I like working out (and do about 4-6 times a week) but I have no motivation to leave my house to go to a gym.” — Barbara G.

“I use the 7 minute workout - different exercises targeting different areas of the body. Also gives you the option of doing high-intensity, or something more chilled. A couple of these workouts sorts me out when I can’t make it to the gym.” — Shaheen S.

Try a Video Subscription

“My go-tos are: Kait Hurley’s workouts. Her workouts range from intense muscle burns/HIIT workouts, running, relaxing yoga flows, and ALWAYS ends with meditation, which is the absolute best. Plus, she’s so positive and supportive.

Also for yoga I use Rachel Brathen’s subscription service (Yoga Girl). SUCH great teachers whose quality I have not found on other services.” - Sinéad

“When I don’t have time to work out, I search for a 7 minute work out and thank myself for doing the best I can.” — Aleksandra V.

“I have to shoutout Obé fitness for my quick at home workouts! Their classes are 28 minutes, both live and on demand, but they also have 10 minutes Express classes. They have a really supportive Facebook group that is a fun and motivating community and the trainers are super encouraging and accessible. I felt the annual membership ($200) was worth it, but even at $27/month it’s more affordable than boutique classes. The classes are fun, especially live classes when you get a shout out!” — Becca S.

“I am an avid user of ClassPass, but on days where I can’t make it to a class or run out of points I’ll use their video workouts and stream them onto my TV from the app. Such a great resource to have and their workouts range in levels of difficulty, types of workout (HIIT, pilates, yoga, etc.), and what you want to target (full body, arms/abs, etc).

I also love Blogilates on YouTube - also free and she has apartment friendly workouts as well :)” — Lauren B

“For my home (and small apartment gym workouts) I have perfected my method this past year. I follow a variety of women on Instagram who are both professional and amateur trainers/fitness experts, and save their posts into Instagram folders by category (eg “upper body,” “core,” etc). This gives me the flexibility to choose which areas I want to focus on everyday, and scroll through for inspiration to find the moves/sets that I want to combine for my workout. Some of my favorite accounts to follow include @goodfortheswole (who has a ton of great pregnancy and postpartum workouts), @mkfitness, and @msjeanettejenkins. It’s such a fun, free way to mix up my workouts! Plus, now I get motivated to go workout even when I’m just casually scrolling.” — Chaney I.

“[I do] yoga three times a week using the Nike Training Club app. It’s hard, but I’m enjoying the 10 to 15 minutes each morning.” — Thaíssa F.

“Working out at home is super tough, so having a dedicated space that’s free of distractions (like puppers and partners) is key. I’m OCD (and ADD), so making sure I exercised in the same place helped me focus a lot, too: I used to work out in my basement, but when it was too cold I’d go to my guest room and it always threw me off. Adjusting to the different sounds and even the difference in the levelness of the floor would detract from what I was doing.

Pure Barre offers streaming classes through Pure Barre On Demand which is only $30 a month—no membership necessary. Barre is an awesome workout option for apartments. A less apartment-friendly option is a stationary bike. Someone told me about this bike on Amazon. It’s pretty basic, but it’s only $240, it’s easy to assemble, and it works as well as any I’ve used in a real class. Pair that with the Peloton app, which is $20 a month, and you’ve got a boutique fitness workout on a budget. Hollaaaaa!!” — Bekah S.

“As a regional sales rep, I am either on the road, or working from home. Establishing a good work from home/hotel room workout has been huge for my happiness and sanity. I have tried many youtube stations, but I always go back to Blogilates. She has a wide variety of workouts ranging in length, intensity and focus. Every single video is FREE and EQUIPMENTLESS. I throw down my yoga mat or a towel on the floor of my hotel room and am good to go.” — Corinne H.

“Nike Training Club app is pretty great! You can get a decent amount of really great workouts with just the free app!” — Emily H.

Start Simple

“I’m a fitness instructor/coach and I still struggle to workout by myself at home! When I do, I make a list of strength moves, decide on rep counts and commit to going through it 3 times. The list keeps me accountable and then it minimizes time between exercises when I’m likely to lose focus and get side tracked!” – Klara M.

“My Peloton bike. So worth the investment, I’ve had it for 3 years now. I work full time and have a 4 year-old, so being able to get in a workout that leaves me breathless and dripping w sweat at home is great. I need the instructors pushing me along.”

(Peloton monthly subscription also includes fab floor and yoga workouts as well.) — Sarah M.

What are you favorite ways to workout. Let us know in the comments below! 🏋️‍♀️👇

Photo by Madison Lavern via Unsplash.